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8 Must Have Woodworking Power Tools For Professionals

8 Must Have Woodworking Power Tools For Professionals

Professional woodworkers need various woodworking tools and equipment for cutting down large trees and creating amazing wooden things. Without the proper use of these tools, it becomes harder to show their excellent craftsmanship. And that’s why woodworking tools are essential for all woodworkers including beginners and experts as well.

If you are one of the professionals who work regularly, then you must need the best woodworking tool to make the wooden structure perfectly. Thus, here we have described 8-woodworking power tools for professionals that will help you to do your woodwork very well.

1. Jointer

The jointer’s job is to make things flat. It can straighten the wood by removing bows and arches. So, the jointer is an essential tool, and you need to use it before feeding your board to the planer. It usually set the foundation for everything that you need later on.

2. Surface Planer

If you want to mill and square rough lumber, then you need a surface planer. It can help you to reduce the thickness of your board. That means it can be called a thickness planer as well.

It features a set of blades which are located in the middle section of the planer. And it comes with a set of rollers located at the edge. These rollers grab your board, and the blades pass through the wood.

A surface planner can skim off wood at a 1/16 of an inch which is thin enough. And it does it work quickly with high accuracy. Hence, when you are operating with the surface planner, you need to remember that it is a heavy-duty power tool. And it can be dangerous, so you shouldn’t use woods which have curvature and bow. We recommend you to use jointer before using the surface planner.

3. Drill Press

The drill press is an essential tool for woodworking. People use it to create holes in the wood. And a good drill press allows you to drill the perfectly straight hole with high precision. Besides, if you need to do a lot of wood drilling, the drill press can be the suitable equipment. It allows you to drill at 90 degrees angle to your board and it ensures you that you will get straight holes.

Some drill presses come with variable speed control so that you can make small or large holes by maintaining the speed. The main significant advantage of the drill press is it allows you to use and exchange a variety of bits. You can use round drum bit and straight bit, and that’s why it is a versatile woodworking tool.

4. Radial Arm Saw

In case you need to cut tons of wood in a short time, then you need to use the radial arm saw. It can cut a lot of woods very quickly. It is a convenient tool to cut wood. And it can be an excellent addition to your room in the shop.  Hence you need to be cautious while operating the device as it can lead you to injury.

5. Band Saw

The band saw is a popular tool in the lumber mill. It can deliver you all sorts of contours and wood forms. Although it comes with a pretty old design, it is a versatile power tool. The saw allows you to do accurate and artistic crosscuts. That means you can comfortably cut your board into small pieces with the band saw.

6. Table Saw

The table saw is one of the most excellent tools for woodworking task. It consists of a circular saw blade and an arbor which is driven by an electric motor.

Generally, the blade protrudes above the table, and the higher it is above the table, the deeper the cut it can make. Although all table saw doesn’t maintain the same depth while cutting wood, all of them can provide you excellent cut. And the modern table saw allows you to cut your board at a different depth.

Besides that, some table saws come with control features so that you can cut the wood at an angle. Also, you can adjust the edge of the blade to have different variations of cut. So, it would be probably difficult to give your woodwork a finishing touch without the table saw.

7. Sander

Sander is mighty and versatile woodworking equipment. You can operate it with a single hand. That means it is a handy tool as well. There are different types of sanders available in the market. You can use belt sanders, or you can use orbit sanders to get your job done.

These tools are designed for a particular situation. If you have to do a lot of woodwork, then you may go with the belt sander; otherwise, the orbit is a suitable option. In summary, a sander is a perfect tool which can provide you some deep cuts.

8. Wood Router

The wood router is a semi-portable device which can easily be handled by the hand. Wood-workers use it to hollow out wood and make cutouts with extreme precision.

Not only it allows the users to cut the wood, but also they can cut plastic and aluminum things. It can cut almost any material. That means it is a versatile woodworking tool that every woodworker should use.


Besides all these woodworking equipment, you also need to have a chainsaw to trim branches while working in forestry. A basic chainsaw is such an essential tool that without having it, it might be difficult for you to work smoothly in the woods. And if you don’t have the best one, you should look for the best professional chainsaw to buy to get your job done comfortably.

In a nutshell, depending on your profession, it is essential to choose the right woodworking tools for safer and better operation. Sometimes you need smaller tools to cut through small woods, and sometimes you will also need powerful and more significant devices for cutting down big trees or trimming branches.

No matter what types of woodworking tools you have and how you are using them, make sure that they come with the best features for the professionals. We hope that you have enjoyed the article and you find our effort helpful.

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