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60+ ARK Cheat Code & Commands (Survival Evolved)

ARK Cheat Code: ARK: Survival Evolved is a hugely popular game on all types of platforms. In addition, it is a game in which we have a huge amount of tricks available, which allow us to use it in the best possible way. A series of tricks that we have to activate first, in order to use them in the game.

ARK Cheat Code & Commands

Here we show you how to activate these tricks in ARK: Survival Evolved. In addition to showing how to use these commands in the best way, so that we can win our games in the game. If you are taking your first steps in it, an option of interest is sure.

ARK Cheat

An important detail in this regard is that tricks can be used only in single-player mode. Also that although we use these tricks, it does not mean that we are going to win or we are going to get the whole game. They are a good help with which to move forward in the various scenarios we face in it. We have to see it that way.

Activate ARK Cheat Code: Survival Evolved

The first thing we will have to do is activate these tricks in the game. To do this, we must first activate the option called Admin Registration, which is available when we are going to create a game. We find it in the General tab, in the creative menu of that game. Although it also depends on the version you have:

  • In recent versions (after 1.27): In these versions, we have to pause the game and press the R1 + L1 + Square + Triangle or LB + RB + X + Y buttons depending on the console you have.
  • Inversions before 1.27: We have to pause the game and then place ourselves in the Admin command bar. When we have put the trick, we have to click on the Admin Command button.

This way these tricks are activated in ARK Cheat and we are ready to start using them in the game. As we have said, we have to see them as an aid in our case, which can serve us in many moments. They are not a guarantee of winning.

ARK Survival Evolved Cheats to Get items

A situation that we will meet on more than one occasion in ARK Cheat is that we have to obtain objects. To make this possible, we have certain commands that will help us. Thanks to them we can have access to various objects, such as ammunition or resources. Something very helpful, therefore. These are the commands:

  • ToggleInfiniteAmmo: Thanks to this command we activate infinite ammo
  • Infinitestats: Provides infinite statistics, hunger bar, and infinite energy
  • Giveresources: It will give us 50 units of each type of resource
  • Giveitemnum X 1 100 0: Leave in the inventory the frame whose ID we put where we have written the X

IDs for frames

As we can see in that last command, we find a series of mounts available in the game. So it may be of our interest to have access to them. In this case, we have to know the ID of that mount, something we have ready for you. These are the IDs of these mounts:

  • Tyrannosaurus:  69
  • Parasaur:  100
  • Raptor:  101
  • Stegosaurus:  102
  • Triceratops / Scorpion:  103
  • Pteranodon:  131
  • Brontosaurus:  135
  • Carbonemys:  207
  • Sarco:  208
  • Ankylosaurus:  209
  • Mammoth:  210
  • Megalodon:  211
  • Sabertooth:  212
  • Carnotaurus:  213
  • Argentavis:  214
  • Phiomia:  285
  • Spinosaur:  303
  • Plesiosaurus:  313
  • Ichthyosaurus:  314
  • Beelzebufo:  427
  • Megaloceros:  428

In this way, we only have to enter this ID in said command, to be able to use it during our games in ARK: Survival Evolved Cheats, as long as it is necessary for it. It will depend on each situation which is the ID that we are going to use, of course.

General Commands

In ARK: Survival Evolved we find a series of commands in general, which we cannot put into a series of categories, which are necessary to be able to advance in a better way in the game. Thanks to them we can unlock some options that were not available or we end up with enemies, for example. So they can be very important when we are playing. These are the most important to consider:

  • God: The most basic God mode that makes us immortal (unless we drown)
  • GMBuff: God mode with statistics, invisible, infinite experience points
  • Addexperience 10000000 0 1: You go up to level 105 (if you are on an animal it is the animal that goes up)
  • Teleport: You teleport in the direction you are currently looking at
  • Destroyall X: Kill any enemy whose type you put where the X is
  • Destroyallenemies: Kill all enemies
  • DestroyMyTarget: Destroy everything in your sights (everything means EVERYTHING)
  • Kill: It will eliminate that enemy or structure that you are targeting at that time
  • Ghost: Go through walls and you will be able to fly by pressing X or A
  • Fly: It allows flying by pressing X or A (it depends on the version in which it is played)
  • Walk: Return to ground level in case you are in the air
  • Givengrams: You can unlock all engrams
  • Forcetame: let us tame the dinosaur you have on the screen

They are quite general tricks, which we will surely have to use on more than one occasion. Although the important thing in these cases is to know when to use them so that we can really take advantage of them in our games in the game. Otherwise, we may not squeeze the options they give.

Commands for weapons and accessories

As with the mounts, the weapons we find in ARK: Survival Evolved also have a specific ID . The accessories also have their own ID, which may be convenient to know. Since in the game we have a series of commands with which to get weapons and accessories, which are essential in the game.


The selection of weapons in ARK: Survival Evolved is quite wide. We leave you with the commands we can use to obtain them in our case:

  • giveitemnum 2 1 10: assault rifle
  • giveitemnum 376 1 0: Composite arch
  • giveitemnum 42 1 0: C4 detonator
  • giveitemnum 434 1 0: Wooden baton
  • giveitemnum 5 1 0: Bow (stone arrows)
  • giveitemnum 362 1 0: Crossbow (stone arrow)
  • giveitemnum 244 1 0: Pistol
  • giveitemnum 436 1 0: sniper rifle
  • giveitemnum 84 1 0: flare gun
  • giveitemnum 6 1 0: Pomegranate
  • giveitemnum 132 1 0: Longneck Rifle
  • giveitemnum 140 1 0: Pica
  • giveitemnum 435 1 0: Poisonous Pomegranate
  • giveitemnum 361 1 0: Pump shotgun
  • giveitemnum 3 1 0: Rocket launcher
  • giveitemnum 267 1 0: Shotgun
  • giveitemnum 1 1 0: Simple gun
  • giveitemnum 139 1 0: Honda
  • giveitemnum 372 1 0: Transponder


The number of accessories is much smaller , but we also have a series of commands that will help us in this regard. The commands we can use in this case are:

  • giveitemnum 205 1 0: Flashlight
  • giveitemnum 219 1 0: To get the holographic sight
  • giveitemnum 220 1 0: Laser sight
  • giveitemnum 138 1 0: Telescopic sight
  • giveitemnum 206 1 0: Silencer

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