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Best Desk Lamps of 2019 – [Reviews & Guides]

Best Desk Lamps: Everyone needs a work or reading light, and therefore it is worth taking a look at cheap desk lamps. This apparently simple object can leave us surprised by the importance that your good choice has in our daily tasks.

In fact, since it is not at all easy to find the right light temperature for the different activities that can be performed with it, the new tactile technologies allow choosing between many levels of brightness and intensity, so as not to strain the eyes and adapt to our own taste.

Best Desk Lamps

After having seen these small luminous jewels you will feel like throwing away the old ones that you have, that leave you blind and tired in a short time.

What is the best desk lamp?

Slender and very modern, these plug-in fireflies will not simply give you light, as you are used to seeing, but they will provide very attractive and useful accessory functions.

Here we present the best desk lamps: 

The touch control system allows you to manually select the desired brightness or adhere to the advice given on the product and in the user manuals. If you want to read, study, relax or just sleep, you have to know that there are different ways of doing it. Let’s see them

1. Wood desk lamp DL1004EUW by Tomons

With a very nice design, to place in study or in the room, this lamp will give you adequate lighting, either for office work or for night reading.

It has elegant finishes and a simple design that makes it both minimalist and attractive, its lighting angle is graduated in two different ways, which also helps to store it more easily.

It has LED lighting system with a reliable circuit compatible with 110 and 240V bulbs.

2. Hihigou LED desk lamp

Protects the eyes avoiding eye fatigue

Equipped with 1800 mA lithium battery and flexible arm to fit any space, this lamp is very suitable for any type of activity, from dim lighting to use for hours of reading.

It is multifunctional and has four modes of reading: study, relaxation, children and asleep, providing in each one different level of brightness, which helps to avoid eye fatigue.

It has high energy efficiency, it will save you 75% of the energy. Works with the USB port.

3. Aigostar desk lamp

The last generation object on your desk. Red and powerful thanks to its energy-saving bulb, it will give a touch of modernity and style to your studios.

Features :

  • LED bulb 5W. The maximum power for maximum savings. It also has an incredible duration of up to 50,000 hours. This is what this piece of energy efficiency A guarantees.
  • Stylized and modern design. The neck can be put in different positions for its flexibility.
  • We can choose between 3 light intensities, according to what we have to do and the environment in which we find ourselves.
  • It is turned on thanks to a tactile system.
  • It does not heat up, so we’re not going to have the fear that we burn our hands if we want to take it from the top.

What we like

  • It has a long duration and even at low intensity, it gives a lot of light.

What we do not like

  • To turn it off we have to go through the other light intensities first.

4. TaoTronics LED lamp

This is not just a lamp. It is a true technological experience that will make you flip. The design is spatial and its functions many and varied. Plugin your electronic devices thanks to its USB port and go quietly to bed: she likes to go off alone.

Features :

  • Available in black and white, with a slight price variation. The most elegant for your room.
  • It has a real touch computer that allows you to adjust the brightness intensity and select the modality: reading, study, relax and sleep.
  • Giving the button of 60 m will activate the timer, to turn it off from a distance without getting up.
  • It has a USB port for your mobile.
  • Its flexible neck, next to the head, can be adjusted to reach the desired angle of light.
  • The touch control system, the future in a simple lamp.
  • The LED bulb, for great energy savings.

What we like

  • The modalities, the timer, the base with touch controls, the USB port, come on, everything!

What we do not like

  • The plastic may seem a little fragile.


High-quality materials from this Coocheer, whose design resembles that of the previous proposal. A USB port, timer, and four modes, on a wide and robust base. The type of light is responsible for protecting our eyes, guarantee proof.

Features :

  • Modern and essential design. It is very close to your computer.
  • 15W LED bulb that not only allows you to save energy but also protects the eyes.
  • Flexible neck and head.
  • Thanks to the small touch screen you can choose between 4 modes: reading, study, relax and sleep.
  • In addition, the intensity of the brightness can be adjusted.
  • If you want to go to bed but still need a little light, select the 60-minute timer.
  • Do not separate from your mobile or when you study; You can charge it in your precious lamp, thanks to the USB port.

What we like

  • The light is uniform and the temperature can be regulated.

What we do not like

  • When it is turned off, a little red light remains that can be annoying.

6. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp 7W Flexo Desk

Basic and elegant, this will be your reading companion. Its high and flexible neck gives us shine at 7 levels of intensity. You just have to choose.

Characteristics and functions:

  • Hard plastic base and adjustable neck. It is governed perfectly and stays in the desired position.
  • Its LED bulb gives a uniform and ecological light; also think of your eyes thanks to the protective panel that will lower your level of fatigue.
  • The product comes with the instruction manual, feeder, warranty and cloth for cleaning, an unexpected and very useful detail.

What we like

  • It is small but fulfills its function well with enough power.
  • The price is great because it comes with essential features such as neck orientation and brightness regulation.

What we do not like

  • It does not have all the possibilities of a bigger and less cheap, like for example the timer.

7. Lamp Led Usb August LEC215

Blackout. And the exam tomorrow. If you are obsessed with this image you have to surrender to our last little gem of light. Thanks to its internal rechargeable battery can be used without being tied to a plug. The intensity is regulated and your neck changes and moves until it is completely closed.

Characteristics and functions:

  • White or black, it has a modern and harmonious style and lines.
  • It works in two modes: plugged in or autonomy, thanks to its lithium battery.
  • Duration in function: 3.5 hours. The same time you need it to load.
  • Light and powerful, it has adjustable direct light, with several intensity levels.
  • The LED bulb has a technology that allows us to both save and respect the environment and less tired eyes.

What we like

  • It is small and we can take it anywhere without needing a plug.
  • It is easy to transport due to its total closure design.

What we do not like

  • It’s so good about the battery that we would pay a little more to have more functions.

Desk lamps: our allies in health and decoration.

What is a desk lamp for?

We rarely stop to specify what are the necessary elements that we must have in our workplace so that the day is profitable. One of these tools is the desk lamp, an article that helps us perform efficiently without compromising our sight, posture or concentration.

In the market, we can find many interesting options, but you should know that this lighting device has to meet certain characteristics so you can create an appropriate environment, and that suits the tasks you will develop.

This type of lamp has been designed with the purpose of offering direct and exclusive light on a surface of small size, and not to illuminate an entire area. They are located in a fixed place so that you can read, write or work on the laptop without affecting your vision.

They are also a great ally in lighting up your bed a bit to go to the bathroom at midnight or to attend any other situation that requires it.

Likewise, these interior design items serve as a complement to lighting equipment or games. It is possible to condition a large room with powerful lights in each of its corners, but with the inclusion of this desk lamp, you can use it only in special moments, so as not to waste the light bulbs that you have in the area.

There are those who seek to give a touch of elegance and distinction to a library or small area of ​​the house with the placement of a desk lamp and often do not use it, despite the multifunctional that can result.

Types of Desk lamps

Oscillating arm:

A desk lamp with an oscillating arm is one that will allow you to direct the light to the place you want, to concentrate more brightness and sharpness. The neck or body of the lamp can usually be moved in any direction to adjust it and focus it towards the area of ​​interest.

It is very wanted to work in tables of drawing, design or sewing. They are recommended for those people who can spend hours working, day or night and require lighting that does not exhaust or saturate their eyes.


It may have a similarity to the previous one. But in this case, we refer to those folding desk lamps that we can adjust up or down. They are a bit mechanical and controlled with safety clasps to keep the address or height selected. We could say that it is a robotic model.

Power supply with batteries or alternative:

As you know, the power system is an aspect of many alternatives. Desk lamps can be plugged into a power outlet to work, while others use battery power or some energy-saving power source. There are models of super modern desk lamps that connect to a USB port of a laptop. Usually, it can be configured on and off. This type of articles is usually used in offices or study areas.

Output / charger included:

The Best desktop lamp with charger is a somewhat modern option of a wireless type that connects with smartphones. It is an excellent choice, which will avoid the display of tangled cables next to your work area. To make this purchase you must make sure that your mobile allows pairing to offer the load without setbacks.

Desk lamp organizer:

This type of lamp corresponds to a multifunctional design because its base will allow the organization of some small office items, such as staples, fasteners, pencils, erasers, small notes, among others. They are usually very sought after for the work areas of students or seamstresses.

Desk lamp with a magnifying glass:

They are perfect for use in tasks that require precision and extreme clarity. It is common for lamps with a magnifying glass to be used in beauty salons for treatments that need accuracy in the application of a product or procedure. Dentists, manicurists, and dermatologists are some of the specialists who always have one of these lamps in their work centers.

Desk lamp with hook or clip:

If you are looking for a simple lamp this is a good option. You can place it by means of a clip or screw on the edge of the surface where you want the lighting. Installs and removes easily.

Desk lamp styles

Traditional lamp:

A traditional desk lamp has classic or conventional lines and materials. They are usually composed of a circular base, a mobile arm and the reflector with its bulb. You can find great diversity in colors and sizes.

Mid-century model:

It is a simpler style, with fine lines. Due to the simple characteristics of each one of the parts that compose it, the specialists consider that it is within the minimalist design. Fortunately, it is a type of lamp that does not go out of style and that combines with any decoration you have at home. Due to its simplicity, it has obtained recognition and great demand in the market. It is an option that can be adapted to any taste or decoration.


It is one of the least expensive lamps because they are made of cheap materials because almost always their creators make a perfect mixture between iron and mirrors. Many times they are made up of colorful mosaics. It is the favorite of those who have eccentric tastes. They can be used as a decorative element of a set or area. If you want to give eye-catching to a special environment this model can be a good choice.


Are those lamps whose design combines straight lines and unconventional curves. They are known by the term “rare”. They are usually made of robust materials of good quality. They look for a lot to decorate modern spaces and with a lot of distinction. You can find one of them in the exhibition of a store or in an office because they are searched for these spaces because they are so striking.


It is the most common you can get in the market. The gooseneck is the name given to the polished metal, flexible and at the same time strong that allows you to turn or locate the light in the place you want. This hose offers great flexibility and mobility to the lamp. It is quite common and is part of the initial design that had the desk lamps.


It is a model where iron or metal predominates. Its design is classic with simple lines and simple details. It can be used in work areas, either at home or in the office. Interior designers recommend them to offer a sophisticated element to a warm space.

Rustic / Country:

In general, its type of manufacturing is handmade. It is usually composed of pieces of wood or organic material. Its appearance is rustic and many times this type of lamp is used to make country style decorations. They have eye candy and fit in natural or rural environments.

Banker type lamp:

It is considered a collector’s lamp and therefore you will hardly find it in the modern stores that distribute desk lamps. Its original name is “Emeralites”, because of the combination of the emerald green with which its pieces were made, and the light. Over time, they were manufactured in various shades or multicolored.

How to find the right lamp with these 3 questions

Where will I put the desk lamp?

Although logic indicates that it is an article to place on a desk, you can find numerous places to place it in a functional way. Many use it at the bedside table, others in a receipt area or to reinforce lighting in an office. Also, it is possible to locate it in the center of a small workshop where you work with the manipulation of small pieces. There are those who even place them in the bathroom, to apply facial or shaving treatments, a process that requires maximum precision and lighting.

As they are a decorative element, their buyers offer special fixation on details such as lines, colors, type of bulb, ignition system and the combination they can exhibit with the other elements that make up the area where it will be located.

How will I use the desk lamp?

This question is related to the use you will give him. If it is to be used in a study or work area, it is best to locate it near the place where you will read or write. As we have already described, its main function will be to illuminate the place where you will fix the view.

If your function will be decorative, make sure you are in a nice table that allows you to stand out among the other objects.

What is the best style to choose?

Undoubtedly the style will be defined by all the objects that you group in the room or office where you will place the desk lamp.

It is advisable to take into account the type of bed, sheets, furniture and other decorative elements of your space to know what will be the model of the best desk lamp that will look better. Remember that you can get it classic, modern or contemporary type.

In case you place it in the office, try to combine it with the desk, chair, and main lamp. It is important to adjust it to the materials that predominate around it. In general, the work areas are composed of pieces of wood or shiny stainless steel. For both cases, there is a great diversity that will help you choose the most appropriate one.

What factors should I consider when choosing a desk lamp?

Work area:

If you have a large desk, you will need to use a wide-focus articulated desk lamp so there is no distortion or distraction while you perform. It is essential that the light covers the entire work area, whether small or large.

You can also choose one that can be mounted on a wall or attached to your desk or table. If you make a wrong selection and the lamp fails to cover the entire surface where you will develop your tasks, in a short time your vision and performance will be affected. Therefore, it is an element that you must take into account before buying, regardless of the brand and design you choose.

Position and address:

The most recommended is that the light of the lamp is above your head and out of your eyes, otherwise you will have visual complaints or headaches.

It is essential to select a good angle to help you have good vision.

For example, if you have a desk surface made of glass or some shiny material that generates a flash, keep in mind that the phenomenon called backlighting can be generated. For best performance, place the lamp at an angle of 30 degrees, so you do not get any direct beam or hot spot in your field of vision.

The correct amount of light:

It is important to maintain a clear vision and that the light does not exhaust or give heaviness to your eyes. If you select a desk lamp with the ability to regulate the intensity of its emission, it will be an excellent option. This way you can graduate and use the amount of light you need.

The intensity of the light must be according to the work area, since the saturation or deficiency will be harmful and counterproductive.

Bulb sizes:

In the market, there are six basic styles of light bulb that fit desk lamps and other household items. Some desk lamps need a specific model while others adapt to the wide variety.

To know a little about the subject, we can explain that the most basic is the incandescent light bulb. They are the most common and cheap, because their useful life is very short, although they guarantee energy savings.

Also, compact fluorescent light bulbs, which are more energy-efficient, last much longer, but generate a lot of heat, which is not pleasant when used in a desk lamp.

The desk lamps without cable and with LED lights you will surely have seen them in a store. They are the most modern, sophisticated and high performance. You will love them because in energy saving they are efficient as well as their useful life. For example, they can have an uninterrupted period of 20 years.

You will surely find quality and economy if you choose any with this type of light. Maybe they can be a little more expensive than those of another group, but the savings you’ll get by making this insurance investment can be perceived in the short, medium and long term.

Another option is halogen bulbs, which are a type of incandescent lighting. As they have halogen gas, they have a size and a special shape. That means it can not be used on any type of desk lamp. When replacing, it must be done by an equal model. It does not allow making changes.

The Xenon gas bulbs correspond to the incandescent line. They have a longer life compared to traditional light bulbs. The good thing about them is that they do not get very hot and can be handled safely even after leaving them on for a while. You can consider this option to place it on your child’s desk because they are not dangerous and have high performance.

Fluorescents are another affordable and durable option. In general, they are a little more compact and come in the form of a tube. If your lamp is of this type of bulb, you can not make a substitution different but of its same class. They are the most recommended for use in medical offices.

The base material of the desk lamp:

Depending on the manufacturing material of your base you will know how to calculate its resistance capacity. You can get them from metal, which is more durable and strong. Many love it because they fit any decoration.

Also, you can find them in plastic and although they are usually the least expensive and with the greatest number of tones, they may not be the most resistant and durable.

Another option that you can evaluate is wood. They are popular because they tend to be robust and complementary to the country or natural styles. They are in great demand because they can be combined with furniture and desks of the same material. The best thing about them is that they never go out of style.

Ceramic and glass also appear as good materials for the bases of desk lamps. Although they are fragile they are used mostly for decorative purposes. Many manufacturers mix both materials with something stronger, such as iron or metal.


Before choosing, specify your budget. The variety of prices will vary in terms of brand, materials, design, and type of lighting. You can find cheap options but also others much more expensive that will undoubtedly offer durability and a great object to show off.

Frequent questions

What is a desk lamp and why should I use it?

A desk lamp is important in any work environment because it allows us to fully develop all our functions without the darkness or excess light-generating fatigue, discomfort or performance failures.

These items offer the correct amount and direction of light. They are necessary when reading, writing, working, using a laptop, doing crafts, cooking, makeup or any activity in a closed area, which requires that our eyesight be fixed and taken care of.

As a recommendation you should know that it is not efficient or effective to use the same amount of light in the whole room or in the work environment, that is why we need desk lamps or work lights.

How do I decide how large my desk lamp should be?

To decide the size of the lamp you must specify your work area. It is necessary that they complement each other so that later you will not find difficulties to have a small lamp, a small bulb in a spacious area.

How much light do I really need?

The amount of light you will need will be that which has the ability to illuminate the entire work area. If it is adjustable in terms of position, you will obtain greater benefits because you can place it according to your need. In general, older people will need more light power than young people. Therefore, take into account the visual field of the person who will use it.

What are the differences between halogen lamps and LED desk lamps?

LED desk lighting has more variety in colors than halogen lamps. These are also usually hotter, while those of LED lights only emit a fifth of the heat generated by the others.

LED lamps are recommended because they never burn accidentally. As you save energy, your investment will be reflected in the billing of electricity service.

Another big difference between LED desk lamps and halogen lamps is that halogen bulbs only last 2 thousand hours while LEDs last more than 50 thousand hours. If you had to use the lamp for 5 hours a day, you would need to change the halogen bulb approximately every year, while the LED would last almost 30 years. With this example, you can establish a wide relationship between quality, effectiveness, and performance between both types of lights.

In terms of design, the LED lights are more elegant, modern and visually appealing. Halogen lamps tend to be larger so their base will have to have a regular size and under no circumstances go unnoticed.

How do I know which is the best desk lamp for me?

The best personal desk lamp will be one that suits your style and needs. As you have read there is a wide variety of design, colors, materials, and types of light. You need to specify if you will use it at home or in the office. By determining the environment where you place it, you can start making a good selection.

It is crucial that you read carefully the functions, scope, characteristics, and accessories that each model can offer so that your investment is worthwhile.

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