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Best Electric BBQ Grills of 2019

The Best Electric BBQ Grills of 2019:  Technology makes life easier for us. We no longer have to use charcoal or firewood to eat a delicious barbecue. With electric barbecues, we can make some delicious roasts or barbecues in the comfort of our house, since some models are designed to be used indoors.

Best Electric BBQ Grills

Do you want to know the best barbecues? Then continue reading.

1. Electric barbecue Grill PG 1511

An Electric BBQ Grills is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its design in a sturdy and small plastic.

Best Electric BBQ Grills

It has a heater that allows it to reach optimum temperature, thanks to the fact that it has integrated resistors of 2300 W of power. The heat obtained is uniform, thanks to the contoured design of the resistance. It has a thermostat that allows you to select between 5 power levels.

It is completely removable, it is divided into grill, tray, and resistances, so it can be easily cleaned. It incorporates a chrome grill, with the typical pattern of side irons, which allows obtaining that special grilling in food.

The built-in tray serves to accumulate the remains of fat, also prevents excessive smoke production. The dimensions of the product are: 48.2 x 43.4 x 10.3 cm and the weight is 2.2 Kg.

  • It does not give off smoke: thanks to its design it can be used indoors because it gives off little smoke.
  •  Homogeneous cooking: the design of the resistors allows better heat distribution.
  • The tray deforms with time: with high temperatures the lower tray deforms a little, but does not affect the use.

2. Clatronic BQS 3508 Electric BBQ Grills

The Best Electric BBQ Grills model that has a design with legs, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its materials are high strength hard plastics.

Best Electric BBQ

It is removable, which greatly facilitates subsequent cleaning, both the grill and the resistances can be removed, in this way you can clean each part separately and outside the equipment.

It has an adjustable thermostat with control light and a power of 2000 W that allows reaching a good temperature. Built-in resistors provide a homogeneous distribution of heat, so you can make better use of the roasting surface.

It has a metal drip tray, which is useful for capturing grease from preparations and also prevents smoke from being generated, which in itself does not generate much.

The cooking surface of the grill has dimensions of 35.5 x 24.5 cm and the height of the grill is 80 cm. It has a lower shelf, in which you can leave the food or utensils you use in cooking. The dimensions of the product are: 39 x 51.5 x 8.5 cm and its weight is 3.1 Kg.

  • Stable and easy to assemble: the legs are stable and the assembly is very simple since the parts are removable.
  •  Easy to clean: due to the removable parts it is easy to clean.
  •  Heats quickly: the built-in resistors achieve a good temperature quickly.
  • The size: it can be uncomfortable for transport.

3. Tristar BQ-2813 Electric Barbecue

Grill with Slim design, is small, which makes it ideal to take it on a trip or to easily store it in narrow places. It is made of a heat resistant plastic material.

Best Electric BBQ

It contains a temperature regulator with an indicator light that allows you to select the necessary power according to the preparation you need to perform.

The design of the resistance occupies almost the entire surface which provides constant and even heats throughout the surface, which is a good fact because it allows better use of the grilling space, which is in this case 38 x 22 cm.

It is made up of a grease tray, a grill, and resistors, which can be removed for quick cleaning. The grill and tray are dishwasher safe. Resistors must be washed manually, they are usually a somewhat delicate element.

It emits little smoke thanks to the design with resistance and without the use of coal and the possibility of adding water to the tray to reduce the emitted smoke. Also, the resistors are of high sensitivity, which allows them to acquire temperature quickly.

It has a power of 2000 W, the dimensions of the product are: 48 x 35 x 8.5 cm and its weight is 2 Kg.

  • Slim format: it is very thin, it can be taken on a trip or saved without problems because it does not take up much space.
  •  Good power: 2000 W that provides rapid heating for cooking right away.
  • The thermostat takes up a lot of space: compared to the other parts it is a big thing.

4. Severin PG 2794 non-stick Electric Barbecue

Grill that has a windproof design that allows it to be used outdoors obtaining good results. It has a good grill surface, which contains a layer of ceramic that acts as a nonstick, so it is easier to clean because the food does not stick.

Best Electric BBQ

Both the grill and the resistance are removable, which makes its individual cleaning very easy. The grill can be washed in a dishwasher, although it is not advisable, as it can reduce the durability of the nonstick.

Thanks to the built-in tray emit very little smell and smoke. The tray can be loaded with water increasing even more smoke reduction. The grill measures 44.5 x 26.5 cm. It has a generous size that allows cooking for several people.

The thermostat is dimmable and contains pilot light. It has 2500 watts of power, measures 50.8 x 39.8 x 12.4 cm and a weight of 2.99 Kg.

  • Good cooking surface: robust and with good materials.
  • It is powerful: 2500 W that provides even heat.
  • Delicate ceramic surface: the ceramic surface must be carefully handled and washed, since it can be worn over time and ceases to have a non-stick function.

5. Electric Barbecue With Iron Suntec BBQ-9493

A different model It is a barbecue with foot, in a circular design, which contains a lid with temperature indicator, this lid is removable, to facilitate cleaning. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. There are users who use it as an indoor iron.

Best Electric BBQ

In this case, it does not have a grill, but it has an iron, which gives it another way of cooking and has sides with holes for the grease to drain. It is also equipped with an internal tray that accumulates grease, which can be removed to clean the surface.

It contains a thermostat with progressive regulation and a maximum power of 2400 w. The iron has an area of ​​approx. 46 x 35 cm and is non-stick, which prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier.

The equipment can be folded into two parts, making the legs can be located horizontally, so it can be easily carried on trips, although there are smaller models. The feet have wheels, something interesting because it can be easily moved if necessary. The product has dimensions of 44.5 x 88 x 95 cm and its weight is 10.5 Kg.

  •  It has an iron: it is a different cooking mode.
  •  It is non-stick: it facilitates subsequent cleaning, as food does not stick.
  • The size: it is somewhat large compared to other alternatives.
  •  The lid does not have an outlet valve: the steam is contained and the meat comes out slightly moist.

6. Beper 90 385 King electric BBQ Grill

It is a barbecue model with legs that facilitates the use of it outdoors. You no longer have to think about getting a table or buying a separate stand to use the grill.

Best Electric BBQ

It has a grill with dimensions of 26x36cm, with which small and easy to transport, being ideal for cooking for a few people, although what you prepare depends.

It has an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to select different temperature levels, at 2 cooking levels, which gives some variety when it comes to cooking.

It has a windbreak to maintain a good level of heat and also tool holders, so you can put the utensils that you will use when cooking.

It includes the following accessories: Tweezers, shovel, fork, and brush. It has 2000 Watts of power, dimensions of 40 x 52 x 17 cm and a weight of 5 Kg.

  • Door with protection: keeps the heat, prevents it from overheating and its design prevents the oven from destabilizing.
  •  It has legs: you can place it in the place you prefer, without tables or additional supports.
  • Something small: it is recommended for a maximum of 3 people.
  •  It is not too powerful: it takes time to acquire temperature.

7. OZAVO AN102 electric barbecue

Grill with a non-stick coating that facilitates cleaning. With removable accessories, both the grill and the covers can be removed. It has a tempered glass that protects the smoke and allows you to see the progress of cooking.

Best Electric BBQ

The design contains non-slip rubber feet, which prevents unwanted movements during cooking and therefore prevents the equipment from falling off the table or stand.

It has a temperature setting in 5 positions to have different temperature levels according to the food to be cooked. It has an internal tray that accumulates the dripping of fat and therefore prevents meals from going out with excess fat.

The nonstick grill has a mixed design, with grill and iron, to have several options when cooking, in addition, its size is quite generous 35cm x 25.5 cm, which will allow you to cook for several people. The power of the equipment is 1650W, its measurements are 45 x 34 x 9 cm and it weighs 4.88 Kg.

  • Nonstick grill: food does not stick and is easy to clean.
  •  With retention glass: prevents smoke from spreading all over the place, useful indoors.
  • Power: the power level makes the grill take longer to acquire the temperature.
  •  The thermostat: once it reaches the desired temperature it turns off and takes time to activate again.

Tips to Buy the Best Electric Barbecue

What better than eating a barbecue at home and without using coal or filling the house with smoke. This is possible thanks to the resistance technology that is present in these devices.

Now, there are many models, so I’m going to give you a series of tips to make your choice easier.

√ With or Without Support

There are barbecues that have a base with legs and others that do not. Those with a base with legs are especially useful for use outdoors, since you can place where you prefer, you will only need an extension cable for power.

On the other hand, barbecues without foot are better for cooking indoors, because you will have where to support the appliance, it can be in the kitchen or elsewhere.

√ With Grill or With Iron

There are two types of grills. The models that have iron grills resemble the cooking that you could get with a traditional grill and charcoal or firewood, while the models with iron have another type of cooking, since the material varies and the way in which the heat is distributed, meals tend to be more crispy and tasty on a grill, while on the plate they are drier and juicy.

√ Size

Another important aspect is the size of both the equipment and the grill. In principle the size of the grill, you are interested in it being large enough to cook for the people you want, but remember that the bigger, the harder it is to carry.

In turn, the size of the equipment varies, according to the different designs, since there are some that are very thin and light and others that have more attachments and therefore require more space, although most can be folded or disassembled so It is not a problem either.

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