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The 10 Best UV Flashlights of 2019

Best UV Flashlights: Here are the Best ultraviolet flashlights reviewed for you. What is the best ultraviolet flashlight on the market? There are many opinions to buy ultraviolet flashlights on the web, in this article, we will show you the best and what we consider, will solve all your needs.

This type of light is characterized by being a helper for detectives when looking for samples, but not everything is so gloomy, ultraviolet light can be very useful to find dirt spots on your carpets. Illuminates different areas emitting this light, similar to the fluorescent, with models of this range of powerful and quality.

Review of the best UV flashlights of 2019

The UV Flashlights or black light, as it is also known, are mainly used to try to highlight in dark environments fluorescent colors and illuminate some elements that other lights may not illuminate. For example, one of its main users is forensics, who usually use them to detect blood fluids, semen or urine remains.

Best UV Flashlights

There are also other applications, such as the identification of false documents such as banknotes or coins. Even for the detection of some insects such as scorpions or bedbugs, which thanks to the fluorescence they emit can be easily detected during the night.

Next, we have selected among the number of models that you can find in the market, the ultraviolet led flashlights that meet good performance and have a price.

1. Didisky Ultraviolet LED Flashlight

Best UV Flashlights

This UV flashlight has a very economical price and fulfills its function optimally. It has a CREE T6 LED emitter with 3 light modes; the white led, the ultraviolet and the strobe. It also has 3 intensities, one more powerful and another energy saving in addition to the SOS light.

It has 800 lumens and a UV bulb with a wavelength of 395 Nm. A built-in battery is 3500 mAh with which it can be used for approximately 12 hours without recharging. It incorporates a charger and 2 rechargeable AAA batteries.

A built-in battery is 3500 mAh with which it can be used for approximately 12 hours without recharging.

In terms of protection, say that the housing is plastic instead of aluminum. However, it has an IPX6 waterproof system, which is resistant to rain. The comment that it is not suitable for diving. It weighs 349 g and measures 17.8 cm, comes in an ideal case in case you want to store it and also has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This is one of the Best UV Flashlights that we recommend, it is of good size, practical and of good quality, it contains rechargeable battery pack, as well as an adapter for AAA batteries, its case, and hand strap.

It has a very good light range, a powerful UV light and white LED light, it is portable, you can take it wherever you want and its resistant finish can withstand sudden movements and long trips.

Check out its availability and price on Amazon.


  • High brightness for its price
  • Economic
  • Waterproof


  • Plastic shell

2. AhomePlay UV light flashlight

Another magnificent UV light flashlight at a very cheap price and good quality. It is made of the aluminum housing, with good protective housing and is also waterproof.

Best UV Flashlights

It also has two light modes, one powerful and one with less intensity. It has a CREE XP G R5transmitter with which it can reach a brightness of 300 lumens. The brand of CREE emitters we already know that it is a synonym for quality. In fact, as we discussed in another article, lumens is not the most determining factor when choosing a flashlight.

It has a battery of 2600 mah, which provides an approximate duration of 8 hours.

Also includes charger and alkaline batteries. Its size is 19 cm and it weighs 340 g. It is ideal for leaks, nails, urine detector, or detection of scorpions among others. But not so much for the detection of counterfeit bills.


  • Aluminum housing
  • Economic
  • Waterproof


  • It is not perfect to detect fake bills

3. Convoy S2+ Nichia 365nm UV flashlight

This is undoubtedly the best of the 3 and we will explain why. The S2 convoy flashlight comes with a NICHIA light emitter with a wavelength of 365 nm. This wavelength, being shorter than the ones that come with 395nm, offers a greater degree of precision and intensity of fluorescent colors.

Best UV Flashlights

So, for example, for the detection of counterfeit bills can be more accurate. The flashlight is made of aluminum alloy and is small in size, 11.8 cm and barely 90 gr in weight. It has an orange shell reflector with which it emits a more uniform beam.

The tempered glass lens has an anti-glare coating and has IP65 protection to both dust and water. A great UV flashlight that you can not miss in your collection!


  • More precise and professional when carrying a wavelength of 365 nm
  • Aluminum alloy case is very resistant.
  • The reflector allows a more uniform beam of light


  • Small size for outdoor use.

4. Didisky three modes UV

Best UV Flashlights

Efficient to illuminate with this type of UV light the spots that your pet leaves at home and are imperceptible, simple, adaptable and practical, it is very durable and its battery is easy to charge in your pocket.

Although it is small, its function is professional, with its 3 magnification modes, each with brightness from intense to low, but very effective. Check the offers of this type of product on Amazon, they always have good prices.

Even with the zoom to a minimum, UV lighting reaches up to 2 meters, it is one of the most powerful I have had in this category.

With a very well focused light output, this product is on the rise in the electronic market, with three types of light, full brightness, medium brightness, and flash, it is very useful for several situations where ultraviolet light is required.

It reveals the hidden in the most practical way of acquiring this excellent flashlight, it is very compact and light, and of good light power with its maximum function. It does not contain batteries.

By buying it, I was surprised by its small size, but when I used it I realized its power and how useful it is. Highly recommended”

5. Linkax UV Flashlight

A high-quality product, this batch of 2 white and UV light lanterns have high range capabilities, with 10 Best UV Flashlights and zoom of up to 300 meters in white light, its material is durable and is manageable on rainy days.Best UV Flashlights

Authenticate driver’s licenses and tickets with this type of light, perfect to reveal unfavorable spots that the human eye cannot capture without this type of light. It does not contain batteries.

Both of them work great, they are very high quality and I consider that the quality/price ratio is very well achieved, with a very good finish.

6. WolfWill 100 LED UV

This flashlight is effective in all its functions since its battery life is the best and its light is very bright because it has 100 LED pieces that will illuminate all the space you need with UV light.

Best UV Flashlights

It brings safety glasses to avoid exposing your view to long periods of ultraviolet lighting because like all types of artificial light, a long exposure can damage our eyesight.

It does what it says, it is a good purchase and I am glad that it brings safety glasses because its power is very large and very bright, it is a very good purchase.

7. Brandson- High Power LED UV Flashlight

Model designation: Brandson High Power LED UV Flashlight (LED Flashlight) | Note: Never look directly into the ultraviolet light of the flashlight! / Please note that daily light does not significantly limit UV power.

Best UV Flashlights

Suitable as a UV detector to examine reactive liquids, dirt and stains of domestic animals (such as markings of territory of dogs, cats and rodents) or to identify coins (bills) and verify the authenticity of driving licenses, identity cards, passports, visualize stains on carpets, curtains, curtains, furniture and other tissues (also blood, urine, feces, and vomit), detect fluorescent substances in baby clothes and cosmetics.

8. Didisky Ultraviolet LED Flashlight

Below are the characteristics of the Didisky LED Ultraviolet Flashlight 2 in 1 High Power Handheld Flashlight Flashlights + UV Flashlight, one of the black flashlights.

Best UV Flashlights

Below is a list with the characteristics of the Didisky flashlight LED Ultraviolet Flashlight 2 in 1 High Power Handheld Flashlight Flashlights+ UV Flashlight:

  • High-quality service: The Didisky brand provides a one-year warranty service.
  • If you have any questions (to find your order and contact the seller), please feel free to contact us, and we will respond within 1 business day.
  • IPX6 level of waterproofing can be used in the rain.
  • Note to keep in mind: it cannot be used for diving.
  • Portable and waterproof: this multi-use flashlight employs aerospace-level aluminum materials, with great hardness and great lightness, suitable for carrying it up and down.
  • 135g / 15cm, it can be used as a self-defense weapon or as a hammer to break the glass in an emergency.
  • When used outdoors, you no longer need to worry about insufficient battery or wick failures.
  • 100,000 hours of battery life: it uses a good quality imported wick of the CREE T6 LED type, with a usage time exceeding 100,000 hours.
  • While being energy-efficient, it is also capable of providing an abundant source of lighting.
  • Practical pack: in the pack includes two rechargeable 18650 batteries of 2000mAh / 3.7v, a charger, a 2-in-1 flashlight, an AAA battery adapter, a protective case, a storage box.
  • In the front part, it also includes a UV bulb, with wavelength 395 Nm, which allows to detect and determine effectively the remains of pet urine, scorpions, the hygiene status of a hotel, etc.
  • On the front side, it has an 800-lumen white LED light bulb, which has 3 modes of use : powerful / energy saving / SOS.
  • 1.3 in 1 LED flashlight with UV light: this product combines the properties of a white light flashlight, a UV light, and SOS signal light.
  • Weight: 349 grams.

9. YOUTHINK UV UV LED Flashlight

With this model, in particular, you can keep your environment much more neat, allows you to detect pet spots and multiple fluids, also thanks to its multi-purpose detection can identify insects and the authenticity of coins.

Best UV Flashlights

It has a special design with an anti-abrasive surface and a strap that easily adjusts to reduce the risk of falls also includes safety glasses that will provide protection from light exposure, always ensuring your well-being.

In addition to its simple use and how comfortable it is, I love this flashlight for the power it has, it also serves perfectly in various areas of the house as it covers larger areas.

10. LE 51 LED ultraviolet flashlight 

This focus is characterized by the great breadth that it offers to all its users, thanks to the powerful light it can reach long distances covering much more space without losing the intensity offered by the light.

Best UV Flashlights

It also has a high-quality aluminum fabrication that guarantees high performance and a significant level of durability, regardless of the use of the product. It is easy to use since it only has an on and off button. This model is the one for me since I am dedicated to keeping my home and many other spaces in optimal conditions, so I was looking for an easy-to-handle model that was not at all cumbersome.

What is the Best Uv Flashlight on the Market?

Ultraviolet equipment has significantly improved and facilitated the life of the human being in their different areas, whether professional or not, and in turn, comprising a massive advance in the different areas of science or other applications.

In this way, this type of lamp supposes a great number of benefits to all the users that acquire it, since it can be used in a casual way, although they tend to focus more on specific jobs such as engineering tasks.

It is a fairly versatile, comfortable and simple product in terms of its use, covering a large number of activities in areas such as medicine, criminalistics, engineering or chemistry; facilitating the execution of them.

How Much Money Should You Spend?

The price you decide to pay for this product will depend on the use you intend to give it, in addition to the performance and durability you seek to obtain from the product.

  • Cheaper ultraviolet flashlights (less than 50) – These have a good level of performance in general, however, they can be compromised in prolonged use due to the durability they offer when exposed to multiple environments to which they are generally subjected.
  • Ultraviolet flashlights of better quality (more 50) –  It will always be more convenient to opt for models that are worth your investment, despite its high price you will get a product with great functionality, performance and durability without mentioning its high resistance to different jobs.

How to Choose a UV Flashlight?

A widely used tool that allows greater ease in the execution of tasks, however, you must always know what models to choose and what you have to take into account to acquire the most appropriate.


It is necessary to take into account the type of task that is sought with this type of flashlights, since its use is mostly professional, highlighting in different areas of various professions such as medicine or criminalistics and even chemistry.


The luminosity generated by the lamp is decisive in the type of task in which it is to be used, so it is necessary to consider the acquisition of models that have a greater or lesser power according to the use that its user intends to give it.


Clearly, each specific activity has particular requirements in its execution, so you should always take into account the size of the product so that it is not disturbing when working and thus allow you to execute the task more easily.


It is more than important to be aware of exposure to this type of light since ultraviolet light is nothing more than a type of radiation so it is good to avoid overexposure to it, however, such low power exposure does not cause damage greater.


These lamps extend their use to various professional fields, it is necessary to take into account the material with which they are manufactured, which is high-end and resistant to different exposures of the environment since it is presumed a prolonged use in varied areas.

What is a UV led flashlight for?

The Best UV Flashlights from a black light or Wood ‘s lamp is light-emitting electromagnetic radiation and is invisible to the human eye. And as we have seen before, its use is applicable to different applications.

  • The detection of substances such as urine, blood or semen remains by forensics. In some homes, they are also often used for the detection of remains of urine in carpets by pets, dogs, and cats mainly.
  • The detection of coins, banknotes and forged documents such as driver ‘s licenses, passports, etc.
  • For skincare. Recommended in diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or vitiligo.
  • For the realization of repairs in art, or in materials such as marble, ivory, porcelain.
  • For the investigation of leaks of liquids and gases in automotive. Ex: air conditioning leaks.
  • The detection of some minerals and precious stones.
  • For fishing, used for the detection of fluorescent buoys at night.
  • For industrial use in welding.
  • Detection of insects, fungi, or mollusks during the night. Some insects such as scorpions, worms or bedbugs emit cyan fluorescence that can be detected by blacklight giving a spectacular effect.

Tips When Buying a UV LED Flashlight

We know that choosing a good flashlight sometimes leads to headaches. So that this does not happen, we have decided to establish some tips that we think can help you in the decision to choose a good ultraviolet flashlight. According to our basic principles, these are what we think you should keep in mind:

  • Lens Type: Depending on the use you want to give the flashlight, you may find flashlights that offer different modes of use. The flashlights that allow you to make the change between ultraviolet light and LED light will give you more versatility.
  • Housing: Keep in mind the housing material that covers it, as it will be your protection against external agents such as dust or rain. Good flashlights, in general, are coated with some aluminum alloy. If the use you are going to give it is going to be domestic, this factor is not so decisive.
  • Size: another important factor to consider when buying a UV flashlight is the size. Keep in mind that, larger lanterns usually have a larger number of diodes to be more powerful. This does not mean that the quality is better, everything will depend on the quality of the LEDs and the diodes it incorporates. Anyway, if you need it for outdoor use, you better lean towards a more powerful one.
  • Wavelength: ultraviolet radiation reaches a wavelength that is between 15 nanometers (nm) and 400 nm. Flashlights that offer a wavelength of 365 nm are more precise than those that offer longer lengths. Being lower, it allows the detection of small details, which in some tasks such as detection of counterfeits can be important. Its use is usually more professional than those of 395 nm.

Where Can You Buy?

This product can be easy or complicated to acquire depending on where you are looking, that is why we help you find it on some websites.

Amazon ultraviolet flashlights

Without a doubt, this portal is the most important in sales since it offers a wide variety of models and brands.

Carrefour ultraviolet flashlights

This store does not currently have a very significant inventory in which to include this specific product, so it does not offer in abundance the product in question.

Aliexpress UV flashlights

This website gives the potential buyer a large inventory to choose from, offering not only variety in models but also the sale of well-known brands.

eBay ultraviolet flashlights

Here you can navigate between various pricing options, designs, and models, comprising a medium range of products in terms of the quantity in stock.

Advantages of Using an Ultraviolet Flashlight

The uses of this tool with  ultraviolet light, as well as its benefits,  are quite significant and wide in many of the areas in which its use is applied, so we present a list of some of its several advantages:


They serve in very diverse areas of science and other activities so they are quite versatile in their use.


The use of these ultraviolet bulbs allows better and meaningful visualization of certain substances, allowing their easy identification.


They allow the easy identification of fakes or repairs with synthetic material, both in banknotes and works of art, etc.


They are also very functional in engineering since they may be able to help find leaks in pipes that are difficult to visualize.

How to Use a UV Flashlight?

It is easy to use this type of articles, here we will explain it better.

  1. Check its structure – Before putting it into operation, check that you are well and that you bring everything that is included in the sales review.
  2. Open it and take out the batteries  – Check that you have a rechargeable or conventional battery adapter.
  3. Put it to charge – Put it to charge for the first time before using it to preserve your energy life.
  4. Test the zoom – Already fully charged, look for the place where you want to test it and point towards the wall to test its different distance modes.
  5. Test the intensity of the light – Practice its use, using the light modes and intensities that this flashlight brings.
  6. Release your new flashlight – All in order, it’s time to use your new acquisition properly.

Top Brands of UV Flashlights

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best ones by far:

  • Didisky –   Since its inception, the manufacturers of Didisky create flashlights of very good quality, both ultraviolet and white light.
  • Linkax –  Very famous for its high power and battery life, Linkax UV lights are very comfortable and practical when it comes to spot, perfect for the home.
  • WOLFWILL –   This brand specializes in electronic security devices for banks and various political entities, it is the best in UV light to authenticate bills.

The safest place to make any purchase on the Internet today is the Amazon marketplace. The largest e-commerce in the world, with a 100% guaranteed guarantee, excellent shipping system, and after-sales service. You can also find similar models in other sports stores such as Decathlon.

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