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Boat Stone 700A Review, Price & Features

Boat Stone 700A Review, Price & Features: Wireless speakers in the budget segment can be classified into two categories: portable speakers and smart speakers. The latter includes options such as Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot, which can connect to the Internet and obtain audio content, as well as respond to your voice commands. However, these Boat Stone 700A must be connected at all times.

Boat Stone 700A

On the other hand, portable wireless speakers have the convenience of working completely with battery power. That means linking them to a smartphone or other source device to get your music, whether it is downloaded or transmitted. But what if you could have smart connectivity on a portable speaker, offering you the best of both worlds?

The Boat Stone 700A aims to offer exactly that. This portable speaker has the ability to invoke Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based assistant, on your smartphone. Can the Boat Stone 700A be a viable alternative to a smart speaker with cable? We found out in our review.

Boat Stone 700A Design & Specifications.

The Boat Stone 700A is the successor of the gadget and has almost the same design and specifications. The big difference is the addition of Amazon Alexa support, which works with a smartphone paired via Bluetooth.

Alexa can be invoked using a button on the speaker; Pressing it turns on the microphone, and then you can say your voice commands to the system. Unlike Echo speakers, the gadget does not always hear an activation command, and you must press the speaker button, similar to Echo Tap, every time you need to talk to Alexa.

Boat Stone 700A

For it to work, you must first configure the system. This involves installing the Boat Nirvana application, available for Android and iOS devices, on your smartphone and pairing it with the Boat Stone 700A over Bluetooth. Then, the speaker uses the data connection or Wi-Fi on his smartphone to communicate with Alexa.

This means that your smartphone handles all Alexa duties, and you must be connected to the Internet with the Boat Nirvana application running in the background. It is an alternative solution, but one that does the job, assuming your phone is close and the application is running.

Although the Boat Stone 700A will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth automatically once it is paired the first time, you will have to open the Boat Nirvana application every time before using it to use the speaker’s ability to invoke Alexa. We tried it on both Android and iOS, and it worked well in both cases, even with smartphones on hold, with applications running in the background.

During our review period, Alexa functionality worked well. The Boat Stone 700A was able to respond to several commands as an Amazon Echo speaker would. Also, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, Alexa can get music from Amazon Prime Music, making the gadget a functional smart speaker in its own way. While the same functionality can be achieved by giving commands directly to your smartphone, the ability to activate Alexa from the speaker while your phone is on hold or not near you is a useful feature.

In terms of design, the speaker has a robust appearance, with a combination of rubber, metal, and plastic.

There are five large rubber buttons on the top for power, Bluetooth / Alexa pairing, play/pause/ call answer, volume down and volume up. On the left is a rubber cap that covers the Micro-USB port for charging and a line-in jack. The seal maintains the IPX6 water inlet protection for the speaker. Unfortunately, you cannot use an SD card to listen to music on the Boat Stone 700A.

In addition to this, the Boat Stone 700A has 10W of sound output through two 1.75-inch full-range controllers, Bluetooth 4.2 and a 2,000mAh battery. We were able to use the device for approximately 7 hours on a single charge, which is good for a speaker of this size and in this category. The gadget 700A is also claimed to be shock-resistant, but we do not subject it to any stress test to verify that claim.

Boat Stone 700A Performance

Like many other products in its segment, the Boat Stone 700A promises 10W of sound output through two stereo controllers. Although the drivers are not separate enough for the stereo effect to be experienced correctly, there is enough in the sound given the price. The Boat Stone 700A is loud, sounds good and does a good job with the audio regardless of the source.

We tested the Boat Stone 700A with a OnePlus 6T paired via Bluetooth. The audio was transmitted through Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, with the latest transmission through the Boat Nirvana application and controlled by Alexa through the speaker. We also tested some of our own high-resolution audio tracks.

The Boat Stone 700A offers a refreshing and clean sound for a speaker in this segment. The sound throughout the frequency range was sharp and sharp, with a particular midrange that sounds powerful and attractive. Listening to ‘Forces … Darling’ by Koop showed strong voices, with soft jazz-inspired voices that stand out in the low and high. Despite a stronger midrange, the highs and lows also sounded distinct and defined. However, raising the volume too high caused some distortion in the high range.

That said, the bass notes sounded better at moderately high volumes and the midrange sounded clearer and nicer. Higher volumes may work if you use the speaker at a party or with a group, with the speaker placed at a certain distance, but for personal listening, you will find that lower volumes result in better sound quality.

Hearing Bambro Koyo Ganda from Bonobo, the bass felt as strong and aggressive as an economical speaker it can achieve, although it was not as tight as the most expensive options such as the JBL Flip 4 are capable, with a bit of lack. from the sub-bass.

The neutral sonic signature and clean sound of the Boat Stone 700A ensure that the speaker can handle most genres with skill. The strong midrange gives the voice-centered audio tracks a little extra touch, while the highs have enough brightness to make them pleasant.

The Boat Stone 700A can also be used as a hands-free device for calls, thanks to the built-in microphone. We used it on some phone calls, and we found that it was decent in terms of call quality at both ends. This, combined with the additional functionality of Amazon Alexa and water resistance, make the Boat Stone 700A one of the best wireless speakers you can buy today.


  • Good looks
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • Alexa integration
  • Decent sound quality


  • Without SD card slot
  • I need to launch a complementary application once in each session to use Alexa

Ratings (of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Audio quality: 4
  • Battery life: 3.5
  • Value for money: 4.5
  • In general: 4


In a segment where wireless speakers have to do with volume, output, and robustness, This is offers a function that few offers: Amazon Alexa compatibility. Although it is not really an independent smart speaker like Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot of similar price, it offers the same functionality when used with a smartphone and, unlike them, is not tied to the power outlet. This combination of features and functions makes it portable and intelligent.

The Boat Stone 700A is perhaps the most interesting speaker you can buy on a small budget. It has a great combination of design, features and sound quality, which gives it a distinct advantage over other affordable speakers.

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