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Essential Things to Pack for Travelling to Spain

Essential Things to Pack for Travelling to Spain

Traveling to Spain for the first time is one of the most exciting experiences; the expectation of knowing other cultures, countries, new people and stepping on a territory where they do not speak your language can be disturbing and at the same time fun.

However, also the cultural shock, the climate changes different to your country of origin, the handling of a different currency, the different hours and even the food can cause some not so pleasant incidents in your trip.

Therefore, in Travel Guru we give you these ten recommendations to live the best experience in your journey through the old continent.

Bring Only the Clothes That Are Necessary

When you pack for a long trip it’s hard to decide what to wear, but seriously, take just what you’re going to wear, no extra clothes “in case …” or changes to the day and night of every day.

Investigate how the weather will be in the places you will visit according to the season of the year. If it’s spring or summer, wear lots of shirts, a pair of jeans, shorts, and skirts that you can combine with the blouses. If you travel to Spain in autumn or winter the subject of clothing becomes more complicated because of thicker clothes.

Do not get too involved, make sure you bring a perfect jacket that protects you against the cold (preferably some thermal jacket or snow shelter for those that are light) in a neutral color that combines everything, packs a pair of scarves, gloves, Socks and several changes of sleeve blouses and thermal tights, you will really need them.

Do not carry more than one suitcase or a large backpack, you will be moving almost daily from city to city or country, and a few days later your bag could become your worst enemy if you carry more.

Pack a neutral bar soap so you can wash your underwear or some of your shirts when you need it. Remember, what you need to wear for a week, is useful for the entire trip.

Pack Comfortable Shoes

Never bring new shoes to Spain, nor the oldest ones, pack the most comfortable shoes you have and a pair of tennis shoes or boots without heels. You will walk a lot, very much, and when you are there, the only thing you will appreciate is being comfortable on your feet.

Sometimes blisters come out so take bandages or something that can help you relax your feet after a long day of travel. If you are going to wear shoes or sandals, make sure that they do not touch your skin and that they are comfortable to use all day or walk great distances.

You can train to try shoes a couple of weeks before your trip and make long walks in your city with different footwear, that way you will choose the best and you will have an excellent physical condition for walks.

Bring a Water Cylinder With a Hanging Pin With You

Walking the Spanish streets and travel long distances tires, especially in the hot season, so you should stay well hydrated. In Spain, tap water in hotels, hostels and houses are potable, while bottled water is costly.

Always carry your cylinder with you, fill it before leaving the hotel and on the way, you will probably find some water fountains in the street to refill it again (especially if you go to Rome you cannot stop trying the fresh water from the drinking fountains that there are in almost every corner). You can hang the cylinder in your pants, in your bag or your backpack.

Exchange Euros in Cash From Your Country of Origin

You can get a better exchange rate in your country of origin than in Spain. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find there a house of exchange or a bank to change euros, plus you will lose time of your journey, avoid this by carrying euros in cash from your country.

Keep the money well; there are some unique wallets which are like wallets and are placed under the clothes without being noticed; there you can keep your euros and your passport so that you always carry them with you in a safe place and load in the wallet or Bag only the cash you need.

Never Go Out of Your Way Without a Snack in the Bag

You will be very grateful for this advice when your hunger attacks between meals and there is not a little shop around to buy chocolate or cookies, which will also cost you dearly. Buy packages of individual chocolates, energy bars or cookies (or the three things) and always carry some snacks in your bag.

After a long journey, it will give you the energy to continue exploring. In some hotels and hostels at breakfast, you can prepare sandwiches to carry in your bag or rolls for the road.

Prepare a Travel Kit

This is a basic tip. In Spain almost do not sell drugs without a prescription and like everything there, medicine is also costly. In a small bag, make a mini medicine kit that includes pills to prevent dizziness, to combat headache, muscle pain, antihistamines (in case you could have an allergic reaction to something), antidiarrheic, pills stomach discomfort or gastritis (for when you eat something heavy or irritating), ointment for chafing, ointment for bumps or sprains, a bandage, cotton and cloth tape. You can add whatever you need.

Always Carry a Raincoat and a Plastic Bag

At any time of the year, there will still be a city that will surprise us with bad weather or where it rains, especially in summer and autumn, so always carry a waterproof and a large plastic bag to cover your suitcase and avoid getting your things wet. If you have rain boots and you know it will be rainy days, pack a pair.

Secure Your Important Documents

Scan your passport and send it to your email so that you will have a copy of your passport in case of loss. The same with airline tickets or other IDs that you carry with you.  Protect your documents in a special tactical wallet against water and avoid taking them out in crowded or public places.

Do Not Forget to Take a Credit Card

Even if you carry euros it is necessary that you have a credit card with you, sometimes they will ask for it as a guarantee for hotels or services. There are also some cards that have promotions for purchases abroad, investigate if this is the case of yours. Do not forget to tell your bank that you will be gone for a few days that they will not block your card when they see suspicious purchases from another country.

Bring Something Typical of Your Place of Origin to Exchange

We Mexicans are very given to give things, take typical sweets or some crafts from your region of origin, in the tours and in each country you will meet someone who will make your time more enjoyable, who will help you or just who will share moments with you.

You can give something to those people who are making your trip something special or exchange with them some object from your country for what you carry.

Handicrafts also sometimes work as currency in Spain because they are very appreciated, so you could take advantage of them and get extra money to buy something during your trip.


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