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Huami Amazfit Pace Review 2019 – Best Gym Watch

Huami Amazfit Pace: The Huami company again found itself in the spotlight, but this time not as a manufacturer of Xiaomi Mi Band portable devices. You probably already know that this company has a really steep gadget series, published under the Amazfit brand. Today it is about Amazfit Pace – smart fitness hours, which during the past year were published in the version for the domestic market. Recently, the company has moved to the updated version of Amazfit Verge – English. Although it is largely a basic copy устройсво, the Edge, without a doubt, is the new model of the range, which offers a sophisticated design with improved functions. We have decided to tell how this novelty can facilitate and organize your life in daily use.

Amazfit Verge:

Amazfit the Edge design, perhaps not the most abrupt round smartwatch, but it is undoubtedly a good option. If you are looking for the smart, compact, well proportioned and multifunctional smart stopwatch, the Edge will not disappoint you.

The watch is very tight to the hand, and a compact size that guarantees that they will remain in place during the day. The watch case is made of reinforced plastic, there is no science fiction in them, such as ceramics, the Amazfit Pace. Suficiente knows that this good quality plastic, and serious, scratches or wear marks on the device hardly appear in the first year of socks. For many users, the key to the design is the way the straps meet the main body of the hours. Although the straps are standard and replaced with springs, they are firmly attached to the watch. At first glance, it might even seem that it is a design piece. Silicone staples do not look cheap, they are actually even better than those used in Pace.

Amazfit Verge “in black” comes with the case features a two-color box (blacktop + light gray ent) and looks quite attractive. Orange accents on the bezel and dial in combination with the orange, the power button (there is only one button like Pace’s), make the design unique. However, it does not attract attention, and the watch can go well with all its costumes.

The front has 1.3 inches of OLED screen (43 mm). Note that it is completely round screen of very high resolution 360 x 360, so the bottom there are no black bands.
On the left are the speaker on the right – power button and microphone. Amazfit the Edge can make and receive phone calls via a connected smartphone. At the bottom is the connector for the charger and heart rate sensor.

Huami Amazfit Pace

Watch IP68 class certificates, so they are resistant to water and dust. However, wearing a watch with one in the bathroom, the pool or even in the shower is not recommended. Anyway, this protection is designed more for the random ones, and it is not worth trying the destination once more if you want the Amazfit watch to have served you a lot.

They say that many people do not like the compact design and plastic housing. But this device does not look cheap, and discreetly and compactly. In addition, its weight is only 46 grams, so with it on your wrist you do not feel отягощенным hours. At the same time, the gadget has all the intelligent functions of high-end watches and a unique look. It can be used all day, without realizing the hand – I guess that’s how a smartwatch should be, centered on the gym. Such watches, such as the Stratos and Galaxy Watch, of course, show well, as an expensive fashion accessory. And the Edge is an assistant, who stays with you all day, is fixed following your physical form and health.

Amazfit Verge: Screen

The biggest screen and an important part of any smart hours. It can be said with certainty: the Amazfit the Edge of the best screen in its entire Amazfit range. It is an OLED screen with intense colors and tactile response time. Given that the Pace, BIP, and Stratos come with трансрефлексивными screens (LCD + OLED), the color in these hours also looks fresh. But from the point of view of visibility on Amazfit Street, unfortunately, it is lost: it cannot compete with the screens of its brothers and sisters, as well as under the direct action of the sun’s rays you will have to see the weather and, probably, some other details. But those who do not spend much time outdoors, directly in the sun, will not stop.

The presence of the OLED screen of the screen has a lot of advantages. In addition to the colors, it also has low power consumption and constantly on the screen (Amazfit Verge, with a special option for this). To be honest, smartwatch, in which when you do not look, they are turned off, just piss out. And here at any time, you can see the time on the screen, looking at the clock, which is quite beautiful and correctly organized. Despite a bit of increasing use of the battery, it is certainly useful in your daily life.

In addition to the power button to activate the screen, you can also double-click the screen to illuminate. Or simply lift your wrist, to expand the sphere. The overall impression was smoother and perfect.

Amazfit Verge: the user interface

Before talking in detail about the hour’s functions, let’s take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Verge user interface. If you have already had the conversion experience with the Amazfit Watch, you obviously know what it is. Just double click on the screen to “wake up”, and there have already been installed around 10 dials, among which there are three-four really steep areas of the sphere. There are also several interesting options, so, if one day you will feel especially striking, you can try and they – they have the only animation and color.

Note that the watch is shipped from the factory with the aid option by default. You must manually enter the configuration to activate it. A simple press of a power button or double-tap on the screen. Swipe from left to right on the screen, and the XiaoAI wizard will appear. Although, if you don’t know Chinese, this function is practically useless. In addition, you will need a pair of a watch and a smartphone to use this function. In the wizard menu, there is a calendar.

Swipe from right to left over циферблату, and it will arrive in the menus. There you can configure the step counter or any function. After the menu is assigned you will find an application bar. Given that the graphics up to China, it takes some time to get acquainted with the application icons and get used to it. But then, looking at the icons, you will have to have a clear idea of ​​what is inside. You can also always use the Google translator (camera mode), to get an idea of ​​the applications inside the bar. To make life easier, you must place the application in order.

  • 1. Pulse Rate (Heart Rate)
  • 2. More Active rest (Outdoor running, Outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, running on a treadmill, indoor cycling, hiking, Jogging in the middle of nature, skiing, Tennis, Soccer). Note that each mode is configured for certain activities. For example, in football, there is options mode such as the first period, second period and so on. The same applies to each regime of sports activities in the annex.
  • 3. The dream
  • 4. Activity statistics of
  • 5. A phone call
  • 6. Alipay
  • 7. The bus stop card
  • 8. MIJIA (Smart House)
  • 9. Music
  • 10. Weather
  • 11. Wake up service
  • 12. The timer
  • 13. Stopwatch (can work in the background)
  • 14. Schedule / Calendar
  • 15. The compass
  • 16.Himalaya the application (Podcast Player)
  • 17. The card
  • 18. Mł tv
  • 19. The configuration of

To access your notifications, you can go through циферблату down. Svay opens access to notifications for applications such as Twitter, Slack, Whatsapp (shown in detail). But you cannot respond to the notification. It would be convenient to use the quick reply feature in Fitbit Versa, but, unfortunately, if you want to go back to the text and reply to a message, you have to use your phone.

You can also drag and drop any notification to the right to reject or drag to the left, so as not to receive more notifications from that particular application. Unfortunately, the author of the study could not find the option to “Cancel all” in the notification menu, and if you have activated the notification option on Twitter or WhatsApp, you can see a section full of many notifications.

Amazfit Verge: watch functions

For those who run in the morning, Amazfit the Edge will be the diary of being an indispensable companion. The pedometer on the device is quite accurate and is smart enough not to register incorrect step values. In the outdoor race mode, the watch is equipped with great functionality, which records and displays all the necessary information: the distance traveled, the average speed, the total time elapsed since the start of the training, the heart rate, etc. In a certain way, you can swipe right to get more information – for example, see the dynamics of changes in heart rate during the entire period of the race and even approximate a map of your movement path.

After you exit the outdoor race mode (slide your finger to the left, there is a “Pause” and the “Finish” button with the flag icon), you will receive a summary of work information With a lot of pieces. Since everything was already written in Chinese, it is difficult to find out accurate information, but now you have an idea of ​​all the important details at a glance.

As for the follow-up of the dream, it cannot be more precise, but more decent than that of Mi Band 3. The watch is light and compact enough, so as not to interfere with sleep, therefore, you will be able not to shoot, getting in the bed.

The heart rate sensor in this device is one of its most important features. The edge periodically checks if your heart rate, to make sure everything is in order. Actually, if the watch is kept in the field of view, they often realize that the green LED of the heart rate sensor will flash at regular intervals. This means that the watch checks your pulse between the established intervals. As Huami representatives explained during the presentation, the Edge can automatically detect unusual changes in heart rate, and these regular check-ups are part of that process. As for the accuracy of the pulse rate, indicated on the clock, it is quite good. There were one or two cases in which the author ran, and the heart rate is below 80 (which is quite surprising). At this time the watch is worn on the side, and he realized that this could be because the data was incorrect. Once the author again the watch on the wrist, heart rate monitor returned to its normal state.

Next about the commission of telephone calls. As mentioned earlier, the clocks have their own speaker and microphone, therefore, you can make calls using the conjugate of a smartphone. In the phone application, there are configuration options such as call logs, contacts, and even the keypad. After you make or receive a call, you have the option to mute, volume up / down, end a call or even transfer to your smartphone. Decent speaker and you can hear the other person if you are in a quiet environment. However, the microphone is not so good, and if you are not going to speak loudly enough, the person on the other side of the line will be hard to understand what you say. But nevertheless,

The other options also work well. The stopwatch can work in the background, and you don’t need to include it. Wake up service works as it should and the speaker on a fairly decent device, to wake up in you every day in the morning. In general, Amazfit Watch functions work as described in the passport.

Amazfit Verge review: battery life

It is difficult to expect something different from autonomous hours of work hours, given the fact that they are equipped with OLED display. Especially, if the aod is included (you do this if you don’t like to see a black screen in your hours). In addition, the brightness is installed automatically and sufficient intense lighting is produced. In the way of jogging within one hour, with a constant connected the smartphone with a lot of notifications, with the limited use of music and periodic monitoring of sleep monitoring gym Amazfit Verge watch they can work autonomously in an average of 3 days. You can probably squeeze out hours and more, if you disable some functions, to save battery power. But this distorts the very objective of the use of hours. 3 days – a very good period for such a device. Without further ado, which then follows the fast charging process. You can easily charge the watch from 4% to 100% in just one hour! Actually, if you simply turn on in 15 minutes, the hours can be charged up to 30-35%. This is enough to spend the whole day with full functionality. Therefore, despite the fact that the average duration of the fast-charging battery in Amazfit Verge undoubtedly facilitates the daily use of smartwatches.

Amazfit Verge: conclusion

When we have selected the vision clock, they have been a bit skeptical. I have made the basis of design in the photos as luxury hotels during children’s hours, and that the functions are the same, what we usually use in other smartwatches. In addition, the clock was in the Chinese language, which was going to be an obstacle in daily use.

However, the compact and lightweight design are good, in real life, it is the black version looks very smoothly and accurately. This device is not cheap at all and adapts to almost any type of clothing. Despite the not very good quality, watch outdoors, OLED display on the beautiful watch in most cases. Saturated colors, and clear text. The on-board user interface, soft and friendly. Work functions, as described, and even the connection to the smartphone occurs without delays, which means that I have all your notifications in real-time.

That was not enough, so this OS Wear, which made there a clock of those ideals, with additional application support. In addition, the XiaoAi was useless. With the Google Assistant onboard, you can feel much better. And yet, all things being equal, I could recommend Amazfit el Borde, if you get about 150 dollars.

Right now, when the English version of Amazfit came out the Edge of smartwatches, there are simply no competitors that can narrow in this price segment.

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