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Top 10 Most Demanding IT Jobs 2019 – in Demand for Future

Most Demanding IT Jobs: top it jobs in demand for future. It is precisely the high-level positions (administrators, managers, directors and department managers) professionals who work on many projects at the same time and whose work requires a high level of intelligence.

Only 25% largely agree that success depends on elements that are beyond your control. Therefore, they are responsible for success, which leads to stressful labor demands. In general, the requirement of continuous availability is common for the whole group.

Most Demanding IT Jobs

The classification is headed by the Executive Directors and closed by the Database Administrators.

technology, such as smartphones and websites, is expected to be always active and available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in this hyperconnected world. But what happens to those who take care of that technology? Do they also have to be permanently active? Do some have to be more active and available than others? These questions led Emerson Network Power to inspect IT professionals around the world for answers.

Most Demanding IT Jobs

Being the top executive or administrator seems to be the most demanded, according to the respondents, who confirmed the feeling that  IT professionals are increasingly busy. The results are based on a survey of nearly 800 IT professionals in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States to determine the degree to which they must always be available, always working at maximum capacity and accurately. Be as active as the data center itself.

When asked to describe a situation of permanent activity, the typical responses were “I have to be constantly active, just as the system has to be running 24 hours a day” and “I have strict deadlines to finish the projects at the same time I continue working to put out ‘fires’ ”.

This study revealed, in general, that all IT jobs are highly demanding, with an average score of 71 on a scale of 0 to 100. On average, IT professionals must be available to work 119 hours of the 168 hours that It has the week. And, of course, the higher the level of work, the more availability is required.

“IT is a very demanding profession,” said Blake Carlson, ice president of the IT business segment of the Avocent products and services department at Emerson Network Power. “These professionals must be intelligent, flexible and fast, as well as the technology they handle. And they should be able to manage several tasks at once and find out how to do things with limited or inadequate resources, ”he added.

The top ten top it jobs in demand for future

Following the results obtained, Emerson Network Power indicates the ten most demanding IT jobs:

  1. Director / Executive Administrator
  2. IT provisioning
  3. Director of Innovations
  4. IT Manager / Manager
  5. IT operations
  6. Datacenter administrator
  7. Engineering
  8. IT security
  9. Application / Software Development
  10. Database Management

Technological advances increasingly facilitate communications and access to information for billions of people worldwide. So that systems and flows do not stop there are a number of professionals who are dedicated to them in body and soul, with absolute availability. Now we know the ten toughest posts.

Emerson Network Power has prepared a report listing the 10 Most Demanding IT Jobs that most require permanent availability. The study focused on nearly 800 professionals spread across Asia, the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and the objective was to determine “to what extent they always had to be available, always working to the maximum of their capacity, and always with the greatest precision” .

At the head of this classification of the most demanding jobs is the position of Director or Executive Administrator, a position that all respondents ensure that they work on many projects at the same time requires a high level of intelligence, and are aware that the success depends on them. According to the report, “these IT professionals are delivered mentally and in practice to every aspect of the job: strategic, operational, technical.”

In second place are those responsible for IT Acquisitions, a group that is defined as “analysts, buyers, representatives, supervisors, consultants, directors and leaders”. After them, the Director of Information Technology or CIO, a position that obtains the maximum score of the respondents at the time of “performing several tasks at the same time”.

The officers or directors of IT occupy the fourth place, followed by those charges that can be nested within IT Operations. The Task Managers appear in the sixth position and are considered as professionals who require “high intelligence” to respond successfully to the “multiple responsibilities and stressful demands of this very important work,” according to the study.

The classification is closed by Engineers, Security Managers, Application and Software Developers, and ultimately the Database Administrators.

The conclusions of the report leave no doubt. In the IT professionals, they are required “high brainpower” and act “as firefighters, coaches, marathoners and sprinters, diplomats and inventors.” Emerson’s study assures that they must also be trained to offer immediate and unexpected solutions to problems and errors, and also to do “the job right at first.”


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