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Realme 3i Review, Price, Specification & Features

Realme 3i Review: Realme recently launched its flagship smartphone Realme X (review) in the Indian market. With this, the new budget smartphone Realme 3i was also dropped. If seen, it is a variant of Realm3 ( review ) launched a few months ago. According to the company, this phone has been lowered to bridge the distance between Realme C2 ( review ) and Realme 3. In the price segment of Rs 10,000, there are already many strong products in the market. There is no product available from the same company at all costs. To be seen, there is a slight difference in the price of Realme C2’s expensive variants and cheap variants of Realme 3. Here, Realme 3 is trying to make room for me.

Most of the Realme 3i specification are Real 3. But the main difference between the two phones is of processor and design. Will the Realme 3I budget be successful in finding a special place for the smartphone crowd? Let’s know …

Realme 3i

Realme recently launched its first true smartphone, called Realme X (Review), in India. Along with this, a new budget offer called Realme 3i was also announced. This new phone is a variant of Realme. 3 (Review), which launched a few months ago. According to the company, it is designed to fill the price gap between Realme C2 (Review) and Realme 3. The sub-rs. The 10,000 phone segment is already quite saturated with a lot of price overlap, sometimes between rivals and sometimes between models of the same manufacturer. However, in the case of Realme, there is currently a small gap between the highest price variant of Realme C2 and the base variant of Realme 3, which is where Realme 3i comes into play.

Although it has specifications very similar to those of Realme. 3, Realme 3i has two main differences: its aesthetics and its SoC. Is there room for Realme 3i to exist together with its brothers, or is it simply another name in the crowd? We check to find out.

Realme 3 Design

Dimension and Weight of Realme 3i match perfectly with Realme 3. 175-gram weight can not be said much and it is easy to grip in your hands. The new handset comes with a diamond pattern and matte finish on the backside. The diamond pattern is like Realme C2. We’ve reviewed Real Diamond 3 Eye’s Diamond Black Finnish Unit. It gives a feeling of having more Royal Blue than Black. The phone is also available in Diamond Blue and Diamond Red Color.

Front panel has a 6.2-inch HD + (720x 1520 pixels) panel. This is the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  is extremely thin. But the lower border is slightly wide. Europe is on the phone because of which it seems modern. The brightness of the display is good. Colors are puny and watching angles are also quite good. There is no problem with low resolution. But when compared to a resolution with a higher resolution display, the Realme of the 3-Eye lacks sharpness.

The physical aspects of Realme 3i are identical to those of Realme. 3, to the last millimeter and gram. It is comfortable to hold because it does not weigh too much with just 175 g, and is easy to grip and use with one hand. The main aesthetic difference is the use of a matte finish with a diamond pattern on the back, similar to C2. We have the Realme 3i in the Black Diamond finish (which looks more royal blue than black) but it is also available in Diamond Blue and Diamond Red, which is a blue-red gradient finish.

On the front, there is a 6.2Panel HD + (720x 1520) inch with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass. The bezels are quite thin, but the chin is quite noticeable at the bottom. The phone also has a dewdrop notch, which makes it appear relatively modern. The screen has good brightness, the colors are striking and the viewing angles are also very good. The low resolution is not a big problem, but you will notice a slight lack of sharpness when comparing this screen with a higher resolution.

The back of Realme 3i has a diamond pattern, similar to Realme C2.

The power and volume buttons on the Realme 3i have a decent response and are ergonomically placed. There is a triple-slot tray on the left, which can accommodate two 4G Nano-SIM cards and a microSD card, all at once. Dual VoLTE is also compatible. At the bottom, we have a speaker, a micro-USB port and 3mm headphone jack.

The diamond pattern finish offers a good grip, and the spots are not easily noticeable, unlike Realme 3, which has a shiny texture. The fingerprint sensor is easy to reach and works well. There is also facial recognition, which, like previous Realme phones, works very fast.

In the box, the Realme 3i comes with a silicone case, a 10W power adapter, a Micro-USB cable, a SIM eject tool, and warranty guides and quick start.

Realme 3i specifications and software

The Realme 3i has a MediaTek Helio P60 processor instead of the Helio P70 that powers the Realme 3. This is not a big downgrade, since the P60 is still a very capable octa-core chip, with good CPU and GPU performance for the class. At the launch, Realme has announced two variants of this phone. The Realme 3i variant with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage costs Rs. 7, 999, while the other with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage is priced at Rs. 9, 999. We have the latest version for review.

Other specifications of Realme 3i include 802.11b / g / n single-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, USB-OTG, FM radio and the usual variety of sensors we expect.

The Power and Volume buttons give good responses to the Realme 3i. Their position is also good. There are three slots on the left side. It has space for two Nano SIMs and one MicroSD card. There is also support for Dual VOLTE. At the bottom, there is a speaker, micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Diamond pattern finishes get good grip due to it. Fingerprints are not easily noticed. A fingerprint sensor can be easily accessed and it works well. There is also face recognition and it works faster like other real-time smartphones.

In the retail box, there is a silicon cover, 10-watt power adapter, micro-USB cable, sim ejector tool and some essential papers with Realme 3i.

The software is quite updated, as in the Realme X. The Realme 3i runs on ColorOS 6, based on Android 9 Pie. I even had the June 2019 security patch. ColorOS features have not changed with respect to what we just saw in our review of Realme X.

The app drawer is now enabled by default, but if you prefer, you can return to a single layer aspect. There are a lot of preloaded applications, but at least all third-party applications can be uninstalled. You also get the usual shortcuts, such as the smart sidebar, which can contain shortcuts to applications and can be accessed by swiping from the edge of the screen.

The digital well-being of Google is not yet present and we still have to see that Realme allows us to access Android 9 The battery chart, which facilitates the understanding of battery usage at a glance.

The MediaTek Helio P60 processor has been used in Realme 3i, while the Realme 3 comes with Helio P70 processor. This is not a big cut because the Halio P60 is a capable octa-core chipset. At the launch, Reali had introduced two variants of the phone. The Realme 3i’s 3GB RAM and 32GB storage variants are priced at Rs 7,999 while the 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage variants are priced at Rs 9,999. We’ve reviewed the powerful variant.

Talking about other specifications, Reali 3i comes with single-band Wi-Fi 802.11 B / G / N, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, USB-OTG, FM radio, and other common sensors.

Like the Realme X, Realme 3I is also equipped with the latest software. There is ColorOs 6 based on Android 9 pie. There are security patches in June 2019. There is no change in the features of colors.

Now the app drawer is already enabled. But you can switch to Single Layered UI. Many apps are already installed on the phone. All of these third-party apps can be uninstalled. You will find shortcuts like Smart Sidebar.

Google’s digital wellbeing feature is still not available. Apart from this, Realme has not given access to the Android 9‘s battery graph.

Realme 3i Performance and Battery Life

We used the Realme 3i 4 GB RAM variant for several days. Apps loaded easily There was no problem accessing the menu. The phone did not even get hot. The phone is warm during gaming. But not so much trouble that there is not much trouble.

The 4GB RAM version of the Realme 3i that we used for several days worked well with regular day-to-day use. The applications loaded quite quickly, scrolling through the Android menus was painless, and the phone did not get hot at all when we did not stress the CPU or GPU. In the games, it got a little warm, but not to the extent that it would make you sit down and take note.

Reference numbers are not that bad for what you pay. AnTuTu returned a score of 1, 32,996, while the T-Rex test in GFXbench dropped 45 fps. The scores are slightly lower than those of Realme. 3, but that’s to be expected.

When it comes to games, Realme 3i is not far behind. You will have to play with reduced graphics quality settings for high-end titles such as PUBG Mobile, which means there are some visible aliases around the edges of the objects, but at least the game doesn’t suffer much. We were able to comfortably win a 40-minute round of PUBG Mobile on this phone, without serious battery discharge or heating problems. ColorOS has a function called Game Space, which automatically locks the screen brightness and prioritizes system resources to the game.

The only problem we had when playing is that it is very easy to lock the speaker with the palm of your hand due to its position. The same happens when watching videos. The Realme 3i speaker becomes strong but the audio quality is quite normal. You can modify the sound if you use a wired headset, through the Real Power Sound customization options. You can enable this quickly with a switch, set different sound modes or manually adjust the low, medium and high levels.

Coming to the cameras, there isn’t much different here compared to Realme. 3. The Realme 3i has a 13-megapixel main sensor with an f /1.8 aperture autofocus and phase detection (PDAF). There is a second 2 Megapixel sensor for depth calculations when shooting in Portrait mode. Realme 3I can not be considered weak in gaming too. Powerful games like PUBG Mobile have to be played at lower settings. But there is no effect on the gameplay. We were successful in winning the 40-minute PBG mobile round on this phone. But there was no complaint about the battery consumption and the heating of the phone during this time. In colors, there is a feature called Game Space, which automatically locks the brightness of the screen and transfers the system resources to the game.

We got the same problem during gaming. The position of the loudspeaker is such that it is easily blocked. Similar video is also seen during the Realme 3i speaks loudly from the speaker. But the quality of the audio is very average. If you use a wired headset, you can control the sound via realtime power sound customization.

Now talk of the camera. There is not much difference from Realme 3 here too. Realme 3i has a 13-megapixel primary camera with F / 1.8 aperture and it is equipped with phase detection autofocus. It has a sensor of 2 megapixels, which works to measure depth for a portrait.

The camera is quick to focus, thanks to PDAF, but only when there is enough light in the subject. Landscape shots have a decent level of detail, but complex textures such as small leaves or trees in the distance were not very different. We also notice a lot of chromatic aberration when shooting objects against the light.

The close-ups generally fared a little better, but some of our macros looked pretty flat despite the shots in a relatively controlled environment. 2 The secondary megapixel sensor does a decent job of calculating the depth, but there were times, especially when taking portraits of people when this phone has the wrong edges.

Creative modes such as Chroma Boost and Nightscape are also present. The former should be avoided when photographing plants or foliage since green tones are greatly exaggerated. However, landscapes such as the skyline of a city can benefit from an increase in color, as can be seen in the first sample.

Nightscape works, but not as well as we saw in Realme X, mainly due to sensor limitations. Night scenes look brighter than those taken in the standard auto camera mode, but there is a lot of grain and chroma noise. When shooting without Nightscape enabled, the camera strives to focus on nearby objects and landscapes lack good details.

The 13-megapixel selfie camera is really not that bad. If you are patient and the light is good, you could achieve some very useful shots. There is also a portrait mode here, but the blur effect is too aggressive and seems artificial. There is also no way to adjust it.

The Realme 3i can record videos up to 1080p, but there is no stabilization. In fact, the video is not stabilized even at 720p, which is a bit disappointing. Image quality is average, but the focus speed is not that bad, at least in a good light.

This phone has a 4Battery of 230 mAh, which lasted 16 hours and 59 minutes in our HD video loop test, which is very good. With the actual use, we can easily obtain a day and a half of runtime, even with a little game and the use of the camera.

Unfortunately, there is no fast charge, but the phone can get up to 48 percent charge in an hour with the charger included. Charging it up to 100 percent takes almost two more hours.


The sole purpose of the existence of Realme 3i is to close the gap between Realme C2 (Review) and Realme 3 (Review). The base variant in Rs. 7, 999 is a decent choice, since it is Rs. 1,000 less expensive than Redmi 7, with the same amounts of RAM and storage. There is also no reason to buy the high-end variant of the Realme C2 since it is exactly the same price as the 3i.

The 4GB version of Realme 3i is a bit difficult to recommend, since although it still has a lower price than Realme 3 – at almost Rs. 10,000, compete with a higher level of phones such as the Redmi Note 7S (Review), Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 (Review), and even the Realme U1 (Review). All these alternatives offer slightly better features, such as higher resolution screens, better cameras and more powerful processors.

If you have a strict budget and can live with the average rear cameras, then the 3GB version of the Realme 3i is still worth considering.

Is Realme 3i the best new phone under Rs. 8,000? We discuss this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, to which you can subscribe through Apple Podcasts or RSS, download the episode or simply press the play button below.

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