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16 Dangerous Sexual Myths Uncovered

Dangerous Sexual Myths: There are Sexual myths that today still enjoy undeserved popularity myths about sex and are proven to be false. Addressing and demystifying them is not only necessary for ethics but to improve the quality of life of the people who have believed them.

Surely when you hear the word sex, you have in mind some other image that tells you what the word means. It is curious how a simple word can have different connotations for each person. In addition to blushing people who think that sex is a secret issue.

Sexual Myths

That is why to begin I show you a definition of sexuality so that while we continue advancing in the article, keep in mind that sexuality is considered and that it really implies the word sex.

According to the WHO, sexuality is a broad concept that encompasses sexual relations where intercourse is practiced, as well as eroticism, intimacy, and pleasure. Sexuality can be experienced and expressed through thoughts, actions, desires, and fantasies.

To Add Even More Clarity to the Topic, Again We Will See What Those Concepts That the Who Considers Sexuality Mean Dangerous Sexual Myths:

Coitus: The word derives from the Latin ?? coitus ??, and refers to the union between two sexes, where the penis is inserted into the vagina or the anus.

Eroticism: The character of what excites sexual activity.

Intimacy:  Intimate, spiritual or physical, of a person or a group ?. It is not synonymous with privacy.

Pleasure: Enjoyment or physical or spiritual enjoyment produced by the realization or perception of something that likes or is considered good.

It is essential to bear in mind that considering sex as a taboo subject, about which society avoids talking, makes the concept and practice have a negative connotation, causing beliefs to arise that are false and that many people Today they think that they are beliefs with a foundation.

Sexuality is practiced by all humans, either as a couple or individually. In addition, the fact that people delimit the concept of sexuality to intercourse, or even only penetration, makes the enjoyment of pleasureless, and have mistaken concepts about what we consider sex and what is not.

It is of coherent relevance to comment that it is necessary that people have a good and complete sexual education, which is at an early age such as adolescence, with which they can resolve their doubts and expand their knowledge about the subject.

Well-educated and informed people are less at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and enjoy more sexuality without prejudice or misconceptions.

16 Sexual Myths That Have Spread Throughout Western Society

1- People Lose Interest in Sex as They Get Older

It is true that sexual impulses and libido change periodically throughout our lives, even every month, or every week; you do not always have the same desire to have sex, but it is not true that sexual interest disappears with age.

birth control methods

With age increases the time needed to reach an optimal level of excitement, but the important thing is that it is reached. Also with age, the quality of relationships play a very important role in the quality of sex and the desire to practice it.

2- You Should Not Have Sex if You Have Heart Problems

People suffering from coronary diseases can lead a completely normal sex life. Even those who have suffered a heart attack, after 2 or 3 weeks can resume their life normally.

heart problems

Although fear should not prevent you from enjoying your sexuality, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

3- It Can Be Said That the Size of a Man’s Penis Is Related to the Size of His Hands

You may have heard it, but the truth is that according to science, there is no good scientific evidence that men with large hands have a large penis.

sexual myths of modernity

In a study in which a sample of 3100 men was taken, it was demonstrated by the data obtained that there was no type of correlation between the size of the hand and the size of the penis. Sexologists warn that this popular belief has no scientific basis.

4- Women Do Not Watch Pornography

Unlike what society normally thinks, women, like men, enjoy sexuality through masturbation and the use of pornography. In a study conducted and published by the University of Sydney, it was found that one in three women watches pornography.

sexual myths about females

It is also good to know that women tend to have different tastes when choosing the theme of the video, whether heterosexual or homosexual sex where two boys or two girls appear.

5- Losing Your Virginity Is Always a Painful Process for Women

It is true that the first times in sex often bring nerves, doubts, and concerns about the unknown. But if you notice, that usually happens with most things we experience for the first time.

Pain during the first sexual intercourse in which there is penetration is related to two factors: nerves and inadequate preparation.

sexual myths and misconceptions

When women are nervous, the muscles of the vagina become tense, so the penetration becomes painful. So being relaxed is something that will help you enjoy.

Besides having a good preparation on the subject, and above all self-knowledge, can make the first time a good experience.

6- Being a Transsexual Implies Being Homosexual

A transsexual person is one who feels the opposite sex to his, so he acquires the physical characteristics of people of the opposite sex by hormonal or surgical treatment.

sexual myths and facts pregnancy

This has nothing to do with sexual orientation, unlike what many people think. Can transsexuals be homosexual, bisexual, asexual, heterosexual? Transsexuality is focused on gender identity, and not on sexual orientation.

7- Men Cannot Be Multi-Orgasmic

Biology explains that men have after the sexual act, a natural process called the refractory period, in which a time elapses between the end of an orgasm, and the ability of the organism to become aroused again.

sexual myths man

The capacity for multi-orgasmic has been popularly attributed to the female gender, and it should be added that not all women enjoy this characteristic.

Men can become multi-orgasmic, but for this, they must practice using tantric techniques, in which a distinction is made between orgasm and ejaculation.

8- Oral and Anal Sex Are Safe Alternatives to Vaginal

If what worries you is the risk of pregnancy, oral sex, and anal sex are alternatives that will free you from an unwanted pregnancy. Although in sex, you should know that pregnancy can be a lesser evil since anal and oral can also be contagious in relation to sexually transmitted diseases.

sexual myths about females

In any case, if you want to have safe sex whatever your concern, you must use contraceptives, and thus be able to enjoy sex more freely.

9- Pregnant Women Can Not Have Sex

Contrary to what people think, enjoying sex in pregnancy is not only not prohibited, but has many advantages for both the mother and the baby.

sexual myths and facts pregnancy

Yes, it is true that we must remember that everything depends on the circumstances of pregnancy because if it is a risky pregnancy, the doctor will tell parents what practices are contraindicated and which are not.

10- Having Sexual Fantasies With Someone Other Than Your Partner Is Infidelity

Normally, humans have a great imaginative capacity, which takes us and brings us experiences that perhaps we have not lived.

Relationships of a couple, usually have as a rule, not have freedom when sharing sexual experiences outside the couple. This is lawful, but as I said at the beginning, as humans we like that the stimulations that we have are novel and do not bore us.

sexual health myths

Maybe you’ve ever discovered thinking and fantasizing about someone else who was not your partner? For your peace of mind, I will tell you that incorporating your imagination to another person does not mean that you are unfaithful or that you are going to be, or even that there is a obstacle in the relationship.

Those thoughts should be taken as something new that helps you increase sexual arousal.

11- if You Like Anal Sex and You Are a Boy, It Means That You Are Gay

There is a great taboo about the enjoyment of one’s body without prejudice, avoiding areas that can be very erogenous for fear that sexual orientation is truncated.

myths sexual assault

You must understand that the anal area is very erogenous for either sex, you may like it or not, but it has nothing to do with the preferences of sexual orientation.

Exploring your body will give you valuable information to experience more pleasure in sex.

12- Pleasure and Sex Can Only Be Obtained From the Genitals

If your sexuality is limited to intercourse, let me tell you that you are missing out on something great.

Sexologists recommend not to focus all the attention on the genitals when it comes to giving and getting pleasure because the human being has millions of nerve endings that caress and stimulate can give you a pleasure you did not know.

myths sexual

In addition, the pleasure also has a psychological character, so that with the visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory preceptive stimuli suitable for you, the sexual experience can increase its intensity.

On a psychological level, we also refer to the state of mind or even the desire you may have at that moment? Everything influences the pleasure obtained and sexual satisfaction.

13- Sex During Menstruation Is Not Healthy or Clean

There is no type of evidence that says having sex during menstruation has any adverse effect.

Menstruation is a natural process, is part of life, and indicates health since everything works well, there is no reason not to enjoy sexuality during those days.

sexual assault myths and stereotypes

Rather it is the opposite, sex during menstruation, alone or as a couple provides benefits such as analgesia, stress reduction, and even more intense orgasms.

14- Alcohol Is a Powerful Sexual Stimulant

Nothing is further from the reality, the investigations that have been carried out on this subject, have given unfavorable results in terms of the statement you just read. For both men and women, alcohol has negative effects.

The Power of Alcohol

In women, it makes the orgasmic response difficult, and in men, it produces suppression of the erection.

But not only that, it diminishes the enjoyment, as well as the intensity of the orgasm, both of the man and of the woman.

Do not confuse, the disinhibiting effect that alcohol has for many people, with which it can become an enhancer of sexual arousal.

In addition, another adverse effect that can have, is the loss of control, including at this point develop unwanted behaviors, as well as forget the importance of contraceptives.

15- Men Think More About Sex Than Women and Always Want to

The phrase is badly expressed. That is to say, socially, even in the era in which we live, men think and express their sexuality in a more liberal way than the female sector. So this suggests that women have no sexual desire or desire, but it is a socio-cultural issue.

Men think more about sex

Women who have accepted, expressed and lived their sexuality freely, have always been crossed with pejorative adjectives, and although today, much progress has been made in this mentality, there is still much to be done.

Keep in mind then, that sexual thinking, libido, and the desire to have sex, are not differentiated by gender, but at the level of interindividual differences.

16- Being Homosexual Means Going to Bed With Many Different People

sexual myths about females

Debauchery is not related to sexual orientation, but to a person’s own decision to experiment with others.

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