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5 Best Short Women Style Ideas Perfect for You

Best Short Women Style Ideas Perfect for This Fall: When you’re Short, shopping can be exhausting – especially when it comes to new trends. You fall head over heels in love with a trend, only to find bitter disappointment that he simply does not stand up and does nothing for the body. Sometimes it seems like fashion is not just for you.

Best Short Women Style Ideas 2019 are perfect for Short women

But do not despair, ask InStyle. We’ve been looking for fashion trends that are perfect for Shorter body sizes and perfectly showcase them.

Short Women Style

1st Fall Trend for Short Women: Boiler Suits Instead of Smock Dresses


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We love stylish smock dresses. Unfortunately, they tend to swallow Short women completely. A similarly casual look is provided by boilersuits – but the autumn trend moves closer to its own figure and emphasizes our curves instead of just swallowing them up. Most boilersuits also become narrower at the waist, adding to the effect.

Tip: Make sure that the pant legs end at the ankle so that the leg looks longer visually. The perfect length of the pant legs is a must for Short women!

2nd Fall Trend for Short Women: Trench Coats Instead of Oversized Coats


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With sinking temperatures nothing cuddly or more comfortable, like an oversized coat. But even these do not work so well with Short women. Should it still be an oversized look, a Trench coat can be the right choice: The band at the waist gives the body structure instead of a sack cut. Many models have collars set off by a pattern this fall: also that gives the body back some of the structure that the oversized cut takes from it.

3rd Fall Trend for Short women: puffed sleeves instead of structured shoulders


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If you like stressed shoulders, you probably already tried on structured blazers with shoulder pads (or directly from the men’s section) for autumn. However, we would argue instead to continue to put on the puff sleeves from the late summer instead. While tall women in Papa’s blazer look effortlessly cool, Short women often appear to be simply disguised. Puffed sleeves give the same volume, but are more playful and not quite as boxy.

4th Fall Trend for Short Women: Top Handle Bags Instead of Oversized Clutches


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Sorry, XXL clutches are not for Short women. But that does not matter, because: Chice Top Handle Bags are just as in vogue and still much more elegant. The fact that they are worn on the outstretched arm in the hand, the body also looks visually stretched.

5th fall trend for Short women: leather instead of teddy


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Every year we throw ourselves with sinking temperatures in our cozy teddy coats. Cozy? Yes. Great for Short women? No. In the fluffy teddy coat, you can finally sink quickly. Therefore we say: forget the wrong coat and put instead on autumn megatrend leather or leather look.
You also have many more options here: shirts, pants, and jackets are equally trendy this season.

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