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110+ Skyrim Cheat Codes, Commands & Tricks

Skyrim Cheat Codes Commands & Tricks: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that has managed to conquer millions of users worldwide. As in many games, we have the possibility of using a series of tricks and commands in it, with which we can move forward better. We will talk about these tricks and commands below, in their computer version.

Skyrim Cheat

In this way, if you play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or you will start shortly, you will be able to know a series of Skyrim Cheat Codes with which to move better in the game and thus advance better in it. To have access to these tricks we will have to use the console commands, which we will talk about next.

Skyrim Cheat

Activate Console Commands

Despite the name they have, in Skyrim, you can only use these console commands in the computer game version. The way to access them is simple. On the computer keyboard, we have to press º, which is the key that we find to the left of the number 1 on it. Then we will be able to write the necessary commands with which to move in the game.

So that at any time we need to use one of them, we will have to press this º key and that console will open. Next, all you have to do is write that command. There is a fairly broad list in this regard, which we will talk about next.

General Commands in Skyrim

We find a series of general commands that we can use in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These are commands that we will resort to on more than one occasion since they are quite frequent and can help us in many situations in the game. So they can be seen as basic commands, which we must keep in mind at all times:

  • killall: kill all the enemies in the area
  • kill: Kill the objetibo
  • resurrect: Resuscitate the target
  • unlock: Unlock a door or chest
  • tmm, 1: Unlock all bookmarks
  • fov X: opens the field of vision based on the value assigned to X, which can be between 0 and 100
  • tfc: Camera free movement
  • qqq: Quit the game
  • coc qasmoke: Access to the secret testing room

Word Codes

Another aspect to consider in Skyrim is that we have to learn the screams. Each word in them has an associated code, so if we know the codes we have a good part of the work done. The good news is that we have the code list associated with each of them. So you can use them in your games.

To use this command in Skyrim, you must use the following: player.teachword WORD and in a word we have to enter the code of the same, so that depending on the situation, one or another word will be used. This is the list of these codes that we can use in the game:

  • 13E22:  FUS
  • 13E23:  RO
  • 13E24:  DAH
  • 20E17:  YOL
  • 20E18:  TOOR
  • 20E19:  KREIN
  • 2F2CC:  FILK
  • 2F2CD:  LO
  • 2F2CE:  SAH
  • 48ACA:  TIID
  • 48ACB:  KLO
  • 48ACC:  UL
  • 2F7BB:  WULD
  • 2F7BC:  NAH
  • 2F7BD:  KEST
  • 60291:  RAAN
  • 60292:  MIR
  • 60293:  TAH
  • 3CD31:  LOK
  • 3CD32:  VAH
  • 3CD33:  KOOR
  • 3291D:  SU
  • 3291E:  GRAH
  • 3291F:  DUN
  • 32917:  FEIM
  • 32918:  ZI
  • 32919:  GRON
  • 46B89:  OD
  • 46B8A:  AH
  • 46B8B:  VIING
  • 5D16C:  FO
  • 5D16D:  KRAH
  • 5D16E:  DIIN
  • 602A0:  ZUL
  • 602A1:  MEY
  • 602A2:  GUT
  • 5FB95:  ZUN
  • 5FB96:  HAAL
  • 5FB97:  VIIK
  • 51960:  HUN
  • 51961:  KAAR
  • 51962:  ZOOL
  • 44251:  JORR
  • 44252:  ZAH
  • 44253:  FRUL
  • 60297:  KRII
  • 60298:  MON
  • 60299:  AUS
  • 60294:  LAAS
  • 60295:  YAH
  • 60296:  NIR
  • 602A3:  IIZ
  • 602A4:  SLEN
  • 602A5:  NUS
  • 6029A:  STRUN
  • 6029B:  BAH
  • 6029C:  QO
  • 6029D:  KAAN
  • 6029E:  DREM
  • 6029F:  OV
  • 3291A:  FAAS
  • 3291B:  RU
  • 3291C:  MAAR

Character tricks in Skyrim

We also have available a series of Skyrim Cheat Codes that affect the character we have in Skyrim. Thanks to them it is possible to level up or achieve certain improvements, which otherwise would not be possible. Therefore, they are presented as a good option, which can help in many different situations when we are playing. The most important tricks in this case are:

  • tgm: God mode is activated
  • psb: All spells are obtained
  • saq: All missions are activated
  • caqs: The main missions are completed
  • showracemenu: Opens the menu to change the character’s race and appearance
  • player.steav Health X: Set your maximum health level to the value assigned to X
  • players.setav Fatigue X: Determine the maximum level of resistance or fatigue
  • modav carryweight X: Sets the maximum load level
  • player.setav speedmult X: Set your movement speed
  • player.setav Magicka X: Set your magic level
  • setpcfame: Determine the level of fame in Skyrim
  • sepcinfamy: Determine the level of infamy
  • player.advlevel: Up one level
  • player.setlevel X: Sets the character level to the value assigned to X
  • advancepclevel: Levels up (with skill points included)
  • player.placeatme IDNPC: Makes an NPC appear next to you
  • player.movote INDPC: Teleports you next to an NPC
  • player.setscale X: Change the scale or size of the player
  • tcl: Activate the noclip mode (which allows to pass through walls)
  • sexchange: change the sex of the character

Improve Skills

Certain commands available in Skyrim allow you to improve some of the character’s abilities. They are simple to use and can be of key importance at certain times in our games. So it is worth taking them into account, to use them in some moments. These are the commands:

  • advancepcskill (X CODE OF SKILL): Makes the ability to move to a certain level
  • advskill (CODIGODEABILITY X): Makes the ability to raise certain levels
  • player.incpcs (SKILL CODE): Helps the skill level up

Skill Codes

Of course, we cannot forget the skills codes. Otherwise, this trick would not be useful. We have several skills available in Skyrim, so we can use many commands depending on the moment. The codes that we have to use in the game are the following:

  • onehanded: Use / operate with one hand
  • twohanded: two hands
  • lightarmor: Light armor
  • heavyarmor: Heavy armor
  • sneak: stealthy
  • speechcraft: Eloquence
  • alteration: Alteration
  • alchemy: Alchemy
  • lockpicking: Being able to open locks
  • smithing: Blacksmithing
  • block: Block
  • enchanting: enchantment
  • conjuration: Conjuration
  • restoration: Restoration
  • destruction: Destruction
  • illusion: Illusion
  • marksman: Archer
  • pickpocket: robbery

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