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What Is the Theoretical Framework? Theoretical Framework Definition

What Is the Theoretical Framework

What Is the Theoretical Framework? If you are doing the scientific research you need to know what the theoretical framework is. Still can not understand what it covers? Has your teacher told you that this part is the most important? Do not fear, learn everything related to its development and you will not have more headaches.

What Is the Theoretical Framework

Definition of Theoretical Framework

To define the theoretical framework it is important to know that this is the most relevant part of a job. In it is the whole theory on which the project you are developing is based. Yes, the approach to the problem you found is solved and sustained in this part.

There are a lot of ways to develop it and that will depend on how you decide to develop it. This you will do once you have the subject of study that you need to develop, that is, the questions that guide your investigation.

Once you have this, you have to start reading to be able to validate your approach. You must search from a well-founded source and begin to collect the information.

Importance of the Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework will allow you to have conceptual references to define your problem. Thus you will not only have a broader vision of what you want to develop, but you will have a logical support to support your belief.

This also saves you from wasting time, the more informed you are about your subject, the harder it will be to plagiarize you. Not only that saves you a dislike, that if someone has already done a study like yours will not have a joke to prove the same.

Functions of the Theoretical Framework

Knowing what the theoretical framework provides you with the following:

  • You participate in the production and creation of new knowledge.
  • It helps you to guide and direct your research to a better place. Also to keep it within the parameter you established. This is beneficial since you will only address what is necessary.
  • You will have a reference to interpret some results.
  • It helps you identify certain mistakes made when developing a theme identical to yours.
  • It will allow you to know how and for what purpose the studies you do are useful.

How to Make a Theoretical Framework

For the construction of what is the theoretical framework is necessary to perform an analysis of the theories, background, including previous research that may appear. All these contributions are of utmost importance and must be taken into account.

To elaborate on the theoretical framework you will need to start writing a writing that has internal coherence. It must follow a sequence and a logical order. You must use quotations from the theories, in order to have a valid sustenance for the project you wish to develop.

The theoretical framework is part of what is known as a frame of reference, this space is composed of many ways of addressing your problem. It depends on the origin of the information you are using as a basis to validate or support your approach.

  • Background: Previous investigations.
  • Conceptual: The definitions of the variables involved in the problem.
  • Theoretical: One or several theories that answer your problem.
  • Demographic: Demographic characteristics of the study population.
  • Geographical: Importance of the place where the study is carried out.
  • Legal: Legal information that supports your investigation.
  • Historical: If part of a crucial moment in history.

Taking into account what the theoretical framework encompasses, its importance, how it can be used and how to elaborate one, you are already prepared to draw your own research.

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