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The Top 10 Things To Do In Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas : Hi! Today i am sharing Top 10 Things To Do In Dallas for all of our blog readers. If you are looking for ‎Things to Do in Dallas, ‎Things to do near Omni Dallas, Dallas Zoo, ‎Museums and things to do in dallas with kids then you can have a look at this aricle.

10 Things To Do In Dallas 2018

 1. Dallas Zoo

Visit The Dallas ZooIf you are going to Dallas with the entire family, the perfect attraction to visit is the Dallas Zoo. This was established in 1888 and considered the oldest zoological park in Texas.

Things To Do In Dallas

You and your kids would definitely love the zoo because you will find all varieties of animals. When you first enter the zoo, a statue of a bronze giraffe will greet you.

This zoo also features exhibits such as the Snout Route, Primate Place, and Giants of the Savannah, which shows animals with unique noses and anteaters. For kids to enjoy in this place there is a children petting zoo and a carousel.

The Dallas Zoo has 8000 animals with 380 different species that your family and yourself would surely love to see.

2 . State Fair of Texas

Every year starting late September until the middle of October, around 3 million people would visit and attend the State Fair of Texas. This fair is considered one of the grandest and biggest annual expositions in the entire North America because they always have so many visitors.

State Fair of Texas

They feature amusement rides, fun shows, games, competitions, music events and even IMAX film viewing. Fair Park has been hosting this fair since 1886.

3. Dallas World Aquarium

Visit The Dallas World AquariumIf you want to enter a huge aquarium, the perfect place to be is at Dallas World Aquarium. This large aquarium opened in October 1992. If you think that this place is just for a variety of fish species, you are wrong.

Dallas World Aquarium

Various animal species can also be found in Dallas World Aquarium. There are crocodiles, exotic birds, New World monkeys, jaguars and Antillean manatees found in this place.

This attraction also features a 40 foot waterfall and guests can also enjoy the mesmerizing Mayan dance performances.

4 . Dallas Museum of Art

For individuals who are artistic and fond of arts, the perfect attraction place to visit in Dallas is Dallas Museum for Art. This was established in 1903 by the Dallas Museum of Art.

Things To Do In Dallas 2018

They have European paintings and sculptures that are truly work of Art. There is more than 20,000 work of arts from the ancient times are found in Dallas Museum of Art. The works of the famous art masters such as Paul Gauguin and Edouard Manet are also found in this museum.

This place is very educational because you get to learn things about the masterpieces of the ancient times. Dallas Museum of Art – Plan Your Trip for best Things To Do In Dallas ideas.

5 . Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Visit The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens : This attraction is situated on the Eastern part of White Rock Lake. This opened in 1984. This place is perfect for visitors who wanted time to relax and unwind because this garden is packed with beautiful plants, flowers, and trees.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden showcase 66 acres of beautiful blooming flower beds and healthy lawns and trees. The place also features gorgeous statuary and the beautiful DeGolyer Mansion.

This is a Spanish style hacienda accredited in 1940 by Texas oil baron Everett DeGolyer. This place is also perfect for families who want to enjoy and relax because they can find a picnic place.

6. White Rock Lake Park

This Lake Park was established in 1911. It functions as one of the city’s most popular recreational areas because the park is very wide. It embraces more than 1000 acres of wooded land packed with bushes and trees and 9 miles of biking trails and jogging area.

Best Things To Do In Dallas

You can also find bird sanctuaries where you can bring your kids to see and feed the birds themselves.

The park also comes in a very calming and scenic view, which is why they would also host annual races such as White Rock Marathon runs and Dimes Walk America. You can also enjoy fishing with your kids in this park.

7 . Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Head To The Mesquite Championship Rodeo in DallasThis event is usually held from June until August and this was founded in 1958 by Neal Gay, a permanent rode. This would take place in 5300 seat and air-conditioned in Resistol Arena.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

This place has been renovated and improved in 2009, in the east of Dallas. There are more than 200,000 visitors from different parts of the world who would show up to see the championship rodeo.

The event includes other activities such as bull riding, barrel racing, tie-down roping and many more. Indeed, this activity is a wonderful family activity because they also have pony rides for the kids.

During the weekends, the event would start with a pyrotechnics show that could be enjoyed by everyone.

8. Grapevine Mills

This place is located 30 minutes just from downtown Dallas. This place opened last October 30, 1997. This place is perfect for individuals who just love to shop. If you are trying to find gifts for your friends and family way back home, this place is the perfect place to buy items and special gifts.

10 Things To Do In Dallas

Grapevine Mills is the shopper’s ultimate shop because it has more 200 stores found in this place. There are also restaurants where you can rest and relax when you get tired of shopping. There are also gaming arcades, wherein kids and teens can enjoy.

9. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Dallas : If you wish to go back and experience the Medieval Times, you can visit Medieval Times in Dallas. This is situated in Stemmons in Dallas. The place features an 11th Century castle wherein you can spend a night watching shows as if you are in the medieval times.

 Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

You will witness epic battles, which are very exciting and thrilling. While you are watching the shows, you can also enjoy eating delectable food that would satisfy your palate and stomach. This is perfect for the boys who want to enjoy an actual battle in the medieval times.

10 . Greenville Avenue

If you love the nightlife and wanted to have a fun and unforgettable nightlife experience in Dallas, the perfect place to visit is the Greenville Avenue. In the early 20th century, Greenville Avenue was an important road in Dallas.

Greenville Avenue

In 1950, the road was developed and turned into a shopping center and entertainment place. This nightlife place is packed with shops, stores, restaurants, clubs, and bars where you can enjoy dining and fun entertainment.

It would be nice to relax and unwind during the night listening to live music, instead of just staying in your hotel room and sleep.


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