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The Top 10 Things To Do In Miami

Things To Do In Miami: Here are the Top 10 Things To Do In Miami, if you are looking for Things To Do In Miami Beach for free Things To Do In Miami here is the tips.

Things To Do In Miami

The Top 10 Things To Do In Miami

1 – Watch the Miami Heat Play

Things To Do In Miami - Miami Heat Play

Miami Heat: Between rabid Heat fans and the former (read: bitter) followers of the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James has made the move to Miami (although we still think he isn’t enough to move the local economy) and with that spanking new championship ring on his finger, even money says you can still watch him play the next time you visit Miami.

If you can live with the queues or if you’re lucky enough to snag playoff tickets from their website, seeing the Heat’s trifecta in play isn’t entirely different from watching performance art. When they run their offense correctly, you’ll soon be on the edge of your seat (if you aren’t already screaming your head off).

2 – Sink Your Teeth in at Shortys

Shortys Barbecue has been serving the nation for the better part of the century and although it’s smoke drifts across the city from at least five different locations, do find the original on Dixie Highway.

Free Things To Do In Miami

On paper, there’s really nothing fancy with their recipes – just plain, old, smells-like-home Sunday lunch. Once you sink your teeth on the baby back ribs, you’ll be glad you took the trouble. Each bite of their fork-tender brisket seared to absolute perfection (alongside their famous dipping sauce) will send you begging for more.

3 – Get that Mad Rush from the Oleta River

things to do in miami beach

Oleta River PaddlingThis tiny pocket of shrubbery is actually home to some of the best cross country bike trails across the nation. Semi-serious hikers and serial adrenaline junkies will know what this is all about.

If your brand of fun on the weekend is falling from nearly vertical slopes as you struggle to keep any semblance of control on a bike that weighs no more than a breath of air, then there’s no excuse not to try out the Oleta State Park trails. If you’re too dinged up to continue, you can always take a dip in the river.

4 – Get Greasy at Bulldog’s BBQ

Bulldog BBQ: bulldogs is a relatively new player in the game but it’s already gone toe-to-toe with the bigger names in the city (and has sent some of the big boys reeling). Still, their no-nonsense take on some traditional Carolina recipes has been a refreshing change of pace to the flavorful (almost experimental) barbecues in town.

places to eat in miam

Foodies and critics alike are heaping praises on this nifty, little joint – sending locals and tourists in droves. If you ever find yourself with a seat here, take a picture.

It might not happen again for a long time things to do in Miami with kids. Get any of their amazing salads to go with their infamous pulled pork for that rare metal that’s undeniably worth its weight in gold.

5 – Get Smashed at Hole in the Wall

Things To Do In Miami

Hole In The Wall Pub Miami: Mind you, Places to eat in Miami this is no place to take a date (though you might find mingling around almost effortless). If you have a preexisting heart condition, please step away. It’s an outright sports bar with plenty of twang and swagger from the former Hurricane’s playmaker Craig Erickson.

If you’re way past college and looking to recreate all those seemingly endless nights of limitless beers and forgotten inhibitions, take a dive in this bar. If the brew, the music and the crowd won’t get to you first, pluck away at some of the best ten-piece chili chicken wings in the city.

6 – Head Over to Flea Market USA

If your brand of fun on a breezy Saturday morning is headhunting for shopping bargains, then Flea Market USA won’t disappoint you. Head over there, beyond the chain-link fencing, and start ogling at the delectable trinkets from decades ago.

Things To Do In Miami

If you’re looking for buck-fifty ideas for your latest DIY project or if you’re stuck at finding the right accessories for your most ambitious arts and crafts mission to date, this place is well worth your time.

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7 – Soak the Sun in the Golden Beach

Golden Beach Miami: Tens of thousands of people troop to the city for this strip of fine, white sand that feels absolutely orgasmic on your toes. Bask in the sun on miles and miles of the most staggering views of the ocean in the country.

Things To Do In Miami

Take your family and set up camp for the day. Older people will wax nostalgic at the unencumbered 1950′s ambiance replete with flamingo t-shirts while the PlayStation generation will recognize the nearby streets were Roman (from GTA, in case you’re wondering) used to jump bikes and boost cars.

Do come in early as parking slots can become quite rare around lunchtime.

8 – Bask in the Shade of Holdover Beach

In the city famous for the famous things to do in Miami beach people on all its famous beaches, there’s simply no better place to be in than Holdover Beach. Some say it’s our little slice of the European high life with all the beautiful people in varying degrees of undress.

Free Things To Do In Miami

Still, free things to do in Miami others will call it a small pocket of paradise with its pristine waters and breathtaking seafloor views. Whichever side on the fence you stand on, there’s no better place to see in the city than the early days of June from Holdover Beach

9 – Zap that Jetlag at Massage Isles Miami

With health and wellness the vogue among the beach bodies that line each corner and street, it’s easy enough for fitness centers and spas to sprout about like white mushrooms after a rainy night.

things to do in miami today

All of them will pale right next to Things To Do In Miami today Massage Isles for Exercises. Although they charge a premium for their services, the hundred-dollar massages could be the best sixty minutes you’ll ever spend on your back.

If you’ve come in with a bad jet lag or you’re reeling from all the laughing and hugging the night before, let them pamper you senseless with their range of products and services.

They even have specialized treatment for hardcore fitness buffs, pro-athletes and pregnant women as well.

10 – Fall in Line at Joe’s Stone Crabs

If you’re anywhere near the city from late May to early Things To Do In Miami at night October, go and line up for the stone crab claws at Joe’s. They’re open all year round but it’s during those months that their top delicacy is at its best. It’s a recipe they’ve perfected with nearly a hundred years of experience.

things to do in miami at night

Perhaps just as famous as their crab claws are their customer service that teeters dangerously close to pointlessness. Waiting for a table starts at upwards of two hours (and more during peak times) and once you get a table, the meal almost always starts very, very late.

You’ve been warned; should you wish to proceed, you’ll be treated to perhaps the best seafood dinner in your life. Joe’s charges an armed robbery for their meaty crab claws (starting at $50 per head) but with each morsel you eat, you’ll soon be begging them to take your money.

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