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Three Aerobic Exercises to Burn Fat

Have you decided to lose weight? Are you looking for a good workout routine to burn fat? In the next post, you will find practical information on several aerobic exercises ideal to achieve your goal.

If we talk about slimming, everyone seems to have some advice to give: a friend, the neighbor, the hairdresser. That’s because almost everyone has wanted to lose weight ever in our life. Anyway, if we are serious, it is best to let ourselves be guided by professionals. Why? If we do not have experience, it is very probable that we make mistakes of bulto with the routines of exercises or with the diet.

Three Aerobic Exercises to Burn Fat

Aerobic exercise is based on activities of moderate intensity for long periods of time. The most common are running, cycling or swimming. They are activities that burn fat and use a lot of oxygen.

To calculate the intensity of the activity and to get fat burning, the Maximum Heart Rate is used as a parameter using the constant 220 for men and 210 for women and subtracting the age. To lose fat, we must train at a rate of 70-80% of the FCM. Example: A 35-year-old man should work at a rate of 130 to 144 beats per minute.


Essential aerobic exercise to burn fat is continuous running. It is a very fashionable sport because of the benefits it has for health and the simplicity of its practice.

However, if our physical condition is not good, we must take it easy. Before starting any physical activity, it is advisable to do a medical checkup to rule out any problems.Essential aerobic exercise to burn fat is continuous running

Two are the most common mistakes that are made in this type of exercise: do not stretch and start at too high pace. Do not look at what others do. The first thing is to find a comfortable rhythm and increase it gradually. If we use a heart rate monitor, it will be much easier to control the pace and adapt it to our physical condition.

A Proposed Initial Training Plan:

1st week:

  • first and second day 1 ‘running and 2’ minutes walking, repeating the routine 5 times.
  • Third day 1 ‘running and 2’ walking, repeating 6 times.

2nd week:

  • first and second day 3 ‘running and 2’ walking, 4 times.
  • The third day 3’30 running, 2’30 walking, 4 times.

3rd week:

  • first day, 4 ‘running, 1’ walking, 4 times.
  • And go up every day one more repetition.

If we increase the time that we run and the repetitions progressively during 8 weeks, we will be prepared for a more intense exercise that burns more fats.


We can all go out for a ride, but to burn fat mounted on a bicycle we need some physical background. That is why it is advisable to work a few weeks our body with  3 aerobic exercises to burn fat-continuous race or static bike, before leaving the road.

go out for a ride

As in the case of running, it is necessary to warm up and not force the machine more than necessary, especially at the beginning. We recommend going out to shoot with colleagues but not ‘fatten.’ We will have time to imitate the professionals and attack in a re-echo after a few months of shooting.

Proposed initial training plan:

First month: From 2 to 4 weekly departures between 45min and 1h 15min with an FCM of 60-70%.

Second month: From 3 to 4 weekly departures between 1h and 1h 45min with the same frequency.

Third month: From 3 to 4 weekly outings between 1h and 1h 45min including on one of the day’s sprint work and changes of pace increasing heart rate.

Exercises at Home

You do not have to leave home to do aerobic exercises that burn fat. Many people prefer indoor physical activities. Both running and cycling can be practiced with machines. But there are also other types of weight loss exercises that can be carried out in a gym or our own home. If we have any doubts about the proper way to practice an exercise, we always have YouTube.

Proposed home exercise routine:

Abs: 2 sets of 20 repetitions

Push-ups: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Squats: 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Triceps Wallpapers: 3 sets of 10 reps

Strings: 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Repeating this routine three times a week will improve your fitness and burn fat without leaving home. And do not forget to stretch before and after finishing your routines.

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